The strength of our Biology program depends on a vibrant and research-active faculty and dedicated staff. Follow the links below to learn more about faculty research and staff specialties.


Bruno F. Salazar-Perea

Lecturer in Biology and Faculty Fellow for Medical Studies

Blake Whitaker Jr., Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer in Biology

Educational Staff

Levi Adams

Assistant in Instruction/Lecturer

Genetics, Neuroscience, Aging, Transcriptomics

Amy McDonough

Assistant in Instruction

Professors Emeriti

Lee Abrahamsen
Professor – Emerita
Director, Medical Studies

William Ambrose
Professor – Emeritus
Marine Ecology

Pam Baker
Professor – Emerita

Sharon Kinsman
Professor – Emerita
Plant Ecology

Nancy Kleckner
Professor – Emerita

Eli Minkoff
Professor – Emeritus
Evolutionary Biology

Robert Thomas
Professor – Emeritus
Plant Physiology