Why major in biology?

Outcomes and benefits of a being Bates Biology major

Recent surveys of Bates mathematics and science alumni over the past 20 years tell us that Bates graduates are extremely successful in pursuing advanced degrees in graduate or professional school.  Nearly 76% of those responding to the survey reported that they had earned advanced degrees in their disciplines.  An average of 40 Bates students or alumni enter schools across the health professions each year, and another 10 enter graduate schools in the sciences.  Also, National Science Foundation data place Bates among the top 50 liberal arts colleges producing PhDs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines.  More than 45% of Bates graduates who receive a Ph.D. do so in the sciences, powerful evidence of the strength of our undergraduate science program.

Where Bates biology graduates went to graduate or professional school – Classes ’12-’20

Where Bates biology graduates worked post-graduation – Classes’12-’20