Off-campus research credit policy


Victor Babatunde ’11 (center) presenting his research findings during his internship in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Program in New York.

The Department strongly encourages majors to take advantage of off-campus research opportunities. Such research need not be followed by any research at Bates, nor does it necessarily lead to academic credit. However, if a student wishes to receive credit for work begun as off-campus research, it may be possible (e.g. Biology 360 or 457). The student must apply to the Department in advance of the experience, and should consult with a Biology faculty member. The Department will consider the degree of student participation in the planning and design of the research, the intensity of the research experience, and the degree of extension of the work to a substantial on-campus project under the guidance of Biology faculty. Prior departmental approval and faculty sponsorship is required in any case; and completion of the off-campus portion of the work does not guarantee that the effort can be extended for credit.

Additional Guidelines for Receiving Independent Study Credit

1. Before doing the work, the student consults with a Biology Department faculty member for approval.

2. The student submits a substantial research paper to the Biology Department advisor for evaluation at the end of the Fall semester.

3. Any financial remuneration during the summer is in the form of a research stipend, but not an hourly wage or salary.