Academic Program

Hill, April
Carnegie Science Hall, Room 410
April Hill is the Wagener Family Professor of Equity and Inclusion in STEM. April uses marine and freshwater sponges as a model system to study how changes to genomes and gene regulatory networks have led to the diversity of animal forms and functions. Learn more about her interests and opportunities for doing research in her lab here.

Professors Bavis, Dearborn, A. Hill, and M. Hill; Associate Professors Huggett and Williams (chair); Assistant Professors Banks, Essenberg, Kruse (Biology and Neuroscience), and Mountcastle; Visiting Assistant Professor Adams; Lecturers Haverkamp and Salazar-Perea

Biology is the study of living systems and how they interact with the nonliving world and with one another. It is a discipline that bridges the physical and social sciences. Students who major in biology become familiar with all levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems, and gain practical experience in both laboratory and field studies. More information on the biology department is available on the website (