Interdisciplinary Majors

Students may choose to major in an established interdisciplinary program supported by faculty committees or design an independent interdisciplinary major. Established programs are African American studies, American cultural studies, Asian studies, biological chemistry, classical and medieval studies, environmental studies, neuroscience, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Students should consult the chairs of these programs for information about requirements and theses.

Students undertaking independent interdisciplinary majors should consult that section of the Catalog under the Academic Program. Independent interdisciplinary majors are supported by the Committee on Curriculum and Calendar and students should consult the committee chair for information about requirements and theses.

The Department of Biology plays a major role in three of the College’s Interdisciplinary Programs: BiochemistryEnvironmental Studies, and Neuroscience. The catalog details the requirements for each of these majors.

To concentrate specifically on the relationship between Biology and another discipline, you may design an individual Interdisciplinary major tailored to your interests as outlined in the Bates catalog.