Student Jobs

Student Jobs in Biology

The following student jobs are routinely hired during the academic year in the Biology Department. If you are interested, please contact the supervisor listed below about openings and hours available. Application for non-TA/TWA positions should be done through the Student Employment Office website using Handshake. All jobs require that a SEO hiring form be submitted by the supervisor and that the student go to the SEO to fill out required IRS paperwork allowing the student to work on campus. Students must obtain a Bates Work Card work card from the SEO before they can be hired. In addition, most positions require Title IX training. TA and TWA positions also require FERPA Training. This is handled through the Title IX office and the SEO and is generally offered at the beginning of each term through the ARC.

Laboratory Teaching Assistants
TA  positions are hired by application directly to the Biology Department
Contact: Sonya Locke (

Technical Writing Assistants (TWAs)
TWA candidates are recommended by the Biology Department to the ARC. Students may work both as a TA and a TWA for a specific course. Students may also work as a TWA through the ARC. TWAs are expected to work multiple semester in that capacity once they are trained.
To apply, please complete the following:

ARC –  TWA application. (online)

General care of plants in our collection and for lab use.
Mary Hughes (mhughes)
Carnegie 410 – x6942

Animal Care Facility
General care of research animals.
Mary Hughes (mhughes)
Carnegie 410 – x6942

Dishwashing /Stockroom
Washing glassware and restocking stockroom supplies.
Sonya Locke (sroderic)
Carnegie 521 – x6112