Larissa Williams and students at MDIBL 2013.

Larissa Williams leading an INBRE funded Short Term course at the Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratories in 2013.

The Biology curriculum covers all levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems. Majors actively learn biology in innovative classroom, laboratory, and field settings, and special emphasis is placed on development of sound critical thinking and research skills using evidence-based pedagogical methods.

The major’s core courses  focus on science as a process – a collaborative group pedagogy in which students learn biology by practicing the process of scientific inquiry through innovative classroom approaches and investigative laboratory and field experiences. First year students take one of several topical CURE classes (Bio 195x) as the entrez to the major pathway or as a prerequisite to other programs such as Neuroscience and Biochemistry. The core is completed by taking two lecture courses (Bio 202 and 206) and a CURE-style lab course (Bio 204).

Elective courses at the upper levels provide focused training at all levels of biological organization. Biology seniors also complete a required capstone experience which may include thesis or service learning projects. In recent years we have graduated approximately 50-70 majors per year in Biology and its related disciplines, a majority of whom go on to graduate and professional schools within five years of graduation.

To help with your course planning, view the projected course offerings in Biology for the next three years.