Field Emission Variable Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope

The laboratory centers around a newly acquired JEOL JSM-7100FLV field emission, variable vacuum, analytical scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM/EDS) (2012).


JSM-7100FLV SEM/Noran System 7 EDS installed in December 2012.

This instrument is equipped with a sample chamber-level secondary electron detector and both HV and LV backscatter detectors. It is equipped with a Schottkey thermal field emission gun and offers resolution of approximately 2-3 nm at 30 kV.


Energy Dispersive Spectrometer

The SEM is equipped with a Thermo/ Noran System 7 Energy Dispersive Spectrometer with a LN-free digital detector. This system enables quantitative spectrum analysis with and without standards, spectral imaging, x-ray mapping, x-ray line scans, point and shoot sampling, and digital image acquisition.

New Confocal Microscope coming in Fall 2014

Support Equipment and Services

  • Denton Vacuum DV1 Carbon Evaporation unit; attachments for rods or yarn (1997)
  • Anatech Hummer 6.6 Sputter Coater with rotating, tilted stage and Au/Pd target (2010)
  • Ladd Research CO2 Critical Point Dryer (1990)
  • Scandium Image analysis software
  • HP 800PS Wide Format Printer
  • Fume hood
  • Complete machine shop and machinist available