Bio 460 – Junior Seminar

Junior Seminar is excellent preparation for doing thesis

The INBRE sponsored Short Term course at the Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratory is a research intensive experience for Bates undergraduates.

NOTE: This course will not be offered again after Winter 2021.

Bio 460, the Junior Seminar course, may be used to partially fulfill the capstone requirement as explained above. In addition to other requirements for the biology major, all students majoring in biology are strongly encouraged to attend the department’s extracurricular seminars. Because Biology is an experimental discipline, and quite broad, students need multiple exposures to how research in Biology is actually done. Students greatly benefit from meeting and hearing from researchers from other institutions. This helps to ensure that majors are exposed to the research methods and forms of analysis used in the various sub-disciplines. Bio 460 is an excellent preparation for doing an independent research project, as well.

BIO 460. Junior Seminar. Reading original biological literature is an essential skill for biology majors. Focusing on the topics addressed by invited speakers for the semester’s biology seminar program, students review articles, write analyses, and contribute oral presentations in a small group format. Students attend afternoon and/or evening seminars and discuss the content, context, and presentation of original investigations. Prerequisite(s): BIO 190, 195, 202, or 242, and 206 or 270. One of these courses may be taken concurrently, only by permission of the instructor. Not open to students who have received credit for NRSC 460. Enrollment limited to 19. [W3] Normally offered every year. [SR] Staff.(From the ’20/’21 College catalog)