Daniel Slane

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology



Carnegie Science Hall, Room 414



Ph.D. in Biology, MPI for Biology / University of Tübingen (Germany)

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in how plants on a cell-to-cell level process external information that affects their development. More specifically, I want to understand how this information in the form of abiotic stresses such as heat or drought is interpreted on a genomic level at various stages of development. My research primarily focuses on trying to understand how this information is stored and encoded in context of chromatin and 3-dimensional contacts of DNA and its associated proteins inside the nucleus so that plants “learn” how to adapt to recurring stress situations. In my lab, we use next-generation sequencing, plant physiological, and biochemical approaches, as well as confocal microscopy to tackle these questions. Especially in light of climate change it will be important to understand how plants react to their changing environmental conditions.


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Current Courses

Fall Semester 2024

BIO 195N
Lab-Based Biological Inquiry: Plant Hormones and Climate Change

BIO 344