Academic program

Bio s34 picture

Students in Bio s34 during ST 2013 during a training session on the new FE-SEM.

Tutorial Training: Most training on the instrumentation is done as tutorials on an as needed basis by Greg Anderson (SEM/EDS) or Dr. Travis Gould (Confocal). Need is based on use of the instruments for classroom projects, independent study, thesis research, or faculty research. Independent investigators from other institutions will also be trained as time permits.

Courses:  Two courses -one in biology and one in geology – are offered and serve as the primary mode of training students in electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis.

Bio s34 –Electron Microscopy, is a Short Term course focused on various applications of electron microscopy, but which includes exposure to other microscopies.

In Geo 223 – Rock Forming Minerals and Mineral Assemblages, students learn the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy and then focus on x-ray microanalysis for elemental analysis.

Greg Anderson, Assistant in Instruction in Biology, oversees activities in the lab and assists in any course using the facility, providing much of the hands-on training, and providing outreach programming. Students and staff are also trained via small group or individual tutorials on an as need basis.

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