Emergency and Security Information

The Department of Campus Safety is a 24 hour, 365-day service oriented department with the mission of providing a safe and secure environment for all those on our campus, and leading by example, through education, and enforcement.

The team of full-time Campus Safety staff will be present on campus on foot, bicycles, and in vehicles. The officers are in continual communication with the Communications Center, which is staffed by Campus Safety Dispatchers or Officers 24 hours a day. They answer emergency and routine phone calls, monitor security cameras and several access control points on campus. Campus Safety is located at 245 College Street.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Campus Safety: (207) 786-6254
  • Lewiston Police: (207) 784-6421 or 9-1-1
  • Central Maine Medical Center: (Emergency Room) 207-795-2200
  • St. Mary’s Hospital: (Emergency Room) 207-777-8120

Security Phones

There are over 140 security phones located throughout the campus. These phones are connected directly to Campus Safety – no dialing is required. The Security Phone System is monitored by the Communications Officer at all hours and is activated when the large red button in the center of the phone is pushed. If a phone is activated and the Communications Officer does not receive a response from the caller, an officer is immediately dispatched to that location. Security phones may be used to contact Campus Safety for any reason, such as to call for a safety ride or escort, reporting an unwelcome interaction, contacting Campus Safety for support or to report an emergency. Communications Officers can contact the appropriate emergency personnel, whether it is Campus Safety, police, fire, or medical personnel, and direct them to your location. Each security phone has a blue light above it which is clearly visible at night.

The important thing to remember in any emergency situation is to contact Campus Safety at 786-6254 on your phone. The Campus Safety Office is trained to respond to any emergency on campus. Contacting them is an effective way of responding since the Campus Safety Department will contact the appropriate emergency personnel (security, police, fire, or medical personnel) and direct them to the appropriate location.