Pets on Campus

There are safety, health, and environmental concerns for pets on campus and in the workplace. Pet owners should realize that not all members of the campus community are comfortable with the presence of pets, and indeed some will have negative reactions to pets.

Pet owners who bring pets to campus will be held liable for damage to property or physical injury to others if caused by the pet. Pet owners must be sensitive and courteous to other members of the campus community; pet owners should take steps to avoid putting employees who may not be comfortable with the presence of pets in a situation where he or she may come into contact with a pet.

The college requires that pet owners comply with the city of Lewiston’s leash law when on campus. The pet owner must remove waste produced by pets on campus; the maintenance and custodial staff of the college will not be asked to clean up after pets. In outside areas of the college, pet owners are expected to bring receptacles with them to care for and clean after their pets.

Supervisors and department heads may place restrictions on the presence of pets in their work spaces consistent with the work being performed and the demands of that work area.