Scheduling Space on Campus

All spaces at Bates College belong to the college, which will allocate and assign space to best support and further the mission of the institution. Although some venues are designed for specific college purposes, that designation does not imply control or ownership of that space. Use of those spaces with special designation may require additional approval.

All requests for space must be made through the master scheduling system (EMS) which is managed by Dining, Conferences and Campus Events. An event is not considered approved until the requestor receives an official approval from the EMS system. 

How to Request a Space

  • Determine if your event is internal or external.
    • Internal Event: more than 50% of the intended audience is from the Bates community
    • External Event: less than 50% of the intended audience is from the Bates community
  • Internal Events: Reserve a venue through the EMS system at Requests for use of campus facilities for internal events can only be made by current faculty or staff, student organizations, academic/administrative departments, or by contacting the Conferences and Campus Events Office.
  • External Events: Requests for use of campus facilities for external events must either be “sponsored” by an academic/administrative department or student organization and must be arranged through the Conferences and Campus Events Office (207-786-6299) who will arrange logistical support. Examples include; room set up, AV/tech needs, contacting Bobcat Catering, etc. Proof of insurance will be required and a facilities fee will be applied. A representative of the sponsoring group must be present for the event.

Principles and Guidelines for Scheduling Space on Campus

  • Please refer to the Guidelines for Using EMS which are listed in the Space Reservations/EMS section of this website for complete principles and guidelines.

Who May Sponsor an Event?


Any Bates department, program, or organization with a Bates org number may sponsor an event as long as it is related to its official role at the College. All events need to be sponsored by a department; in some instances the Harward Center for Community Partnerships may act as the sponsor for an event.

What Does It Mean to Sponsor an Event?


The sponsor is to ensure compliance with all rules associated with use of the space. The sponsor will only sponsor events for organizations that are not-for-profit and are not fundraisers for the requesting organization. The sponsor is to represent good stewardship on behalf of the college.