Scheduling Space on Campus

Principles and Guidelines for Scheduling Space on Campus

  • These guidelines are for Bates students, employees and members of the wider community.
  • Space owned by Bates College may be used by and for students and employees of the College. Employees may schedule space so as to carry out their specific job duties and to schedule events related to their responsibilities at the College. Students may schedule space for both social and academic activities as deemed appropriate by the bodies governing student activities. Individual employees and departments are assigned oversight or stewardship of certain spaces and in some cases may be responsible for approving the scheduling of those spaces.
  • An event is defined as any time a space is reserved for one or more individuals for a particular purpose and encompasses everything from a brief meeting to a large occasion.
  • Requester: the individual who asks to schedule an event
  • Scheduler: the individual who approves or confirms the space and time for a requested event
  • Sponsorship: is required for all events

How Do I Schedule an Event?

  • Determine if your event is internal (more than 50% of the intended audience is from the Bates community) or external (less than 50% of the intended audience is from the Bates community).
  • If the event is determined to be internal, you will need to reserve a venue through the EMS System at
  • If the is determined to be external, please fill out an Event Request Form, or contact the Conferences and Campus Events Office at 207-786-6299 for complete event management support.

Who May Sponsor an Event?

Any Bates department, program, or organization with a Bates org number may sponsor an event as long as it is related to its official role at the College. All events need to be sponsored by a department; in some instances the Harward Center for Community Partnerships may act as the sponsor for an event.

What Does It Mean to Sponsor an Event?

The sponsor is to ensure compliance with all rules associated with use of the space. The sponsor will only sponsor events for organizations that are not-for-profit and are not fundraisers for the requesting organization. The sponsor is to represent good stewardship on behalf of the college.

Internal vs External Events

  • Internal Event: an internal event is one where 50% or more of the intended audience is from the Bates community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students and their families). This may include an outside entity such as a speaker or performer coming to campus, as long as the event is intended primarily for an internal audience. To reserve space for internal events, proceed to the following website at:
  • External Event: an external event is one where less than 50% of the intended audience is from the Bates community. This may include an internal entity, such as when a Bates employee makes a request on behalf of an outside group where the audience is primarily from outside the Bates community. This includes board meetings, workshops, and or meals of non-profit organizations. In these instances, requests need to go through the Events Office at 207-786-6299.
  • If you are unsure if your event is considered internal or external, call the Conferences and Campus Events Office  at 207-786-6299 for assistance.