Guarantees, Billing and Payment

Confirmation of the estimated number of guests is required two working days prior to an event. A final guaranteed count is required at least 48 hours before the event.

Billing is based on the guaranteed number of guests. Should the number of attendees exceed the guaranteed number, you will be billed for the actual number of attendees. When the number of actual attendees is fewer then the confirmed number, billing will be for the confirmed number. If no confirmation is received, you will be billed for the estimated number. For events with counts of 20 people or less, but require catering staff, there will be an additional $12.00 per hour fee for your event with a minimum $30.00 charge.

All buffet and served prices include labor, linen and china. Floral/decorations are an additional cost.

For approved external events, payment must be arranged ahead of time through the Dining, Conferences and Campus Events Office.