External Grant Administration

The Office for External Grants (OEG) provides editorial assistance and preparation assistance to faculty for grant applications of external funding sources, including online submission. Prior to submitting a proposal to any private or public external funding source, the principal investigator (PI) must complete all steps identified on the grant proposal checklist. PIs are encouraged to complete this form well in advance of the proposal’s due date.

It is essential that faculty PIs recognize that federal grants require significant compliance with financial and other regulations. Many of the regulations are described in OMB circulars A-21 and A-110.

In order for the faculty member and OEG to prepare accurate reports to external agencies, the grant recipient must submit to the OEG a copy of any grant proposal, a copy of the award letter, revised budgets, and final reports. Assistance with financial management of grants and reporting may be sought from the OEG or the accounting office.

Each faculty grant received is reviewed by the OEG to determine the accounting and reporting requirements of the project. Grants administered through the College will be assigned separate fund and organization codes against which grant expenses may be charged by the faculty member.

Faculty funded by federal or state grants are advised that all expenses on federal and state grants must be co-signed by the accounting office. All invoices for signing should be sent to the accounting office, which will forward them to the manager of accounts payable for payment. All contracts in excess of $5,000 require the signature of the treasurer.

Some federal agencies, such as NIH, NSF, and Department of Education Fulbright-Hays, require that the College administer faculty grants. Others, such as NEH (summer stipends and fellowships), provide faculty with the option, in which case faculty should consult with the accounting office and their tax consultant.