"Gender Terrorist" blurs boundaries with art

Lecture by Del LaGrace Volcano. Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00 PM, Olin Arts Center Room 105

Del is a filmmaker, photographer, theorist, and “gender terrorist” whose work “consistently and intentionally subverts, destablizes and challenges the binary gender system,” pushing the boundaries of current conventions of gender and sexual differences, and the social hierarchies that enforce them.

Recent photographic projects include Sublime Mutations (2000), andThe Drag King Book, co-written with Judith “Jack” Halberstam (2002), which represents over twenty years of work engaging with difference and its embodiment.Writes Del: “Some photographers are documentarians, simply recording what happens as it happens. My approach is to create the space for the photograph to become an event in itself. And to blur as many boundaries in the process as is possible–within the two dimensions of the medium. Oh yes, and sexy too.” Volcano’s work has been shown in many exhibitions: “Female Turbulance” in Belgium; “Gender Fusion” in Slovenia; and “Venus Boyz” in Sweden.

This lecture is sponsored by the Bates College Museum of Art, Art Department, The Program in Women and Gender Studies, and OUTfront.