Donna Ferrato (American, b. 1949)

Ferrato is one of the most renowned and well recognized photojournalists working today, having contributed to most major news publications in the country and received numerous accolades. She is most known for her project Living with the Enemy, a collection of photographs documenting the realities of domestic violence in the US. One of the photos from that collection, “Behind Closed Doors,” was chosen as one of TIME’s most influential photos of all time and contributed to a growing awareness among the public about the dangers of domestic violence. This experience also led her to found the non-profit Domestic Abuse Awareness Project. 
Much of her work looks at identity and feminism through her own self-portraits, those of women on the street, and impactful female artists. In addition to her many accolades as a journalist, Ferrato’s photography has been exhibited in solo shows at nearly 500 museums and galleries.  Her most recent book from 2020, entitled Holy, focuses specifically on “the unleashed power of women” and the status of women’s rights in today’s world.