Marion Shilling (American, 1910-2004)

Shilling was known as a leading Hollywood “B” movie actress, appearing in over forty films from 1930-1936. Starring in mostly westerns and mysteries, she started her career in MGM’s Wise Girls in 1929. She became known for her bloodcurdling scream after working on Dracula with Bela Lugosi and dubbed screams for several other motion pictures. At a time when it was hard for a woman to have a family and age as they acted, Shilling retired early in her career to start a family. In 2002, she received a Golden Boot, awarded to actors who made significant contributions to Westerns in film. Ruth Harriet Louise creates an image of Shilling that is ethereal, soft, and classically Hollywood; she shows off her bare shoulders, but looks above the camera in an innocent appearance.