Robert Feintuch (American, b. 1953)

Feintuch often uses his body as a model in his paintings that combine the mythological and banal, the serious and farcical. Rooted in psychologic life, body parts like ears, feet, and arms are enlarged, elongated, or distorted, and almost cartoon-like with a recurring background of clouds.

Feintuch started working abstractly before transitioning slowly to figurative painting. He moved to New York in 1970, received his BFA from Cooper Union, and then a MFA from Yale University School of Art. He has since had many gallery shows and received the Guggenheim Fellowship, Rockefeller Foundation’s Residency Fellowship, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Feintuch is married to sculptor Rona Pondick, also featured in this exhibition, and is a Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Art and Visual Culture at Bates.