Figure Drawings from the Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection

July 29 – November 1, 2008

In 1951, the heirs of the Marsden Hartley estate left as a gift to Bates College, in compliance with his wish, the last remaining effects from Corea, Maine, where he lived and kept a studio. The collection was left as a memorial to the Lewiston artist of international recognition and historical note. Again, in 1955, Hartley’s niece, Miss Norma G. Berger, made an additional gift of her property of the artist to the College. This gift included ninety-nine drawings from two sketchbooks and works by other artists in Hartley’s personal collection. A selection of Hartley’s ninety-nine drawings are included in this exhibition.

The Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection continues to attract important gifts to the museum’s collection. The Museum of Art recently received two important early drawings from Chris Huntington and Charlotte McGill which we are pleased to debut at this time. The exhibition also features a charming bronze portrait of Hartley by artist Michael de Lisio, donated by Sanford Schwartz.