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Complementing the original Napkin Board (located in Commons), the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, and staff and Bates Dining easier and more convenient.

Online Napkin Board submissions are reviewed, and commented on, by Cheryl Lacey, Director of Dining Services.

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Napkin posted August 12, 2015

The adventures in dining have been on point this summer! Would love…

Stonyfield Yogurt

Napkin posted August 1, 2015

Is there any way you can switch to a different brand of…

Sugar Free Jello

Napkin posted July 29, 2015

As a diabetic, I think it’s great that Commons offers sugar free…


Napkin posted July 15, 2015

Is the cheese in commons vegetarian or is it made with rennet?


Napkin posted July 15, 2015

Is the salad bar produce (excluding the fruits) organic or natural? Beefs…

Mushrooms @ Omelette Stations

Napkin posted July 15, 2015

Hi there!! I am passionate about my mushrooms, and I’ve noticed that…

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