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Complementing the original Napkin Board (located in Commons), the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, and staff and Bates Dining easier and more convenient.

Online Napkin Board submissions are reviewed, and commented on, by Cheryl Lacey, Director of Dining Services.

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Uncooked Chicken

Napkin posted May 4, 2016

I was really upset that I got 5 pieces of chicken tonight…

Lunch as a whole

Napkin posted May 4, 2016

I never want to sound bad about the great dining experience I…


Napkin posted May 4, 2016

As a Jewish student, I am so appreciative of the familiar foods…

Congee on point

Napkin posted May 4, 2016

The congee this weekend has been amazing. Each grain of rice was…


Napkin posted May 4, 2016

Could you please check the tempeh in “Gluten Friendly Curried Tempeh &…

Next year

Napkin posted April 20, 2016

I heard commons is going to limit the number of swipes students…

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