Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to students working on campus or involved in a Purposeful Work internship in the community.

The application process for summer residents will be available at the end of March on HouseCat. Please review the Summer Housing regulations carefully before submitting your application.  Students living in campus housing will be charged rent at a weekly rate. This will be done through the payroll office. Graduated seniors will need to pay their stay in advance. For more information, please review the summer housing regulations.

Summer Housing Regulations 2017

Summer Meal Plan Options

Summer housing is traditionally offered in a building with a full kitchen; Dining Services will also provide meal plan packages.  There are several packages to choose from with pricing to be determined:

  • 120 Meals
  • 85 Meals
  • 50 Meals

All Packages are non-refundable.  Individuals will not be reimbursed for uneaten meals.  Meal Plans cannot be used in the Den.

Payment must be made in full and payment is to be made directly to Dining Services.  Payment arrangements can be made by contacting Cheryl Lacey, Director of Dining Services.

Meal Plans cannot be changed once bought, though an additional plan can be added.

Meal availability and hours are subject to the needs of the summer programs on campus.  Dining Services will provide Commons hours and availability.

All students choosing to purchase a summer Meal Plan are governed by the same dining regulations that are in effect during the academic year – specifically, no food is to be removed from Dining services.

Access to Commons will be gained through the use of the Student I.D. Card.  Should you have issue with access, contact David Perreault, Board Plan Manager, at ext. 8237.