Welcome Club Leaders!

The Office of Campus Life is excited to work with you this academic year. We ask that you make appointments to meet with a staff member at least 48 hours in advance when possible. Appointments with Kim Trauceniek, Jen Haugen, Nick Dressler and Marisa Melnick can be made using BatesReach or by sending an email to campuslife@bates.edu. Meetings and walk-in transactions related to reimbursements, club purchases, etc. will be managed by a check-in process when you arrive at Campus Life, located in Chase Hall 108.

  • Once you have checked in upon your arrival at Campus Life, please plan to wait at the designated seating area until a staff member is able to assist you.
  • Per college COVID-19 policies, masks are required inside of the Office of Campus Life and in the designated waiting area.
  • Walk-in meetings may not always be possible due to demand. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment when possible.
  • Walk-in transactions such as club reimbursements, quick questions, pick-up/drop off, etc that typically take less than ten minutes, will likely be easily accommodated on most weekdays. Please have all forms filled out before entering the office. When possible, we highly encourage you to submit these forms with pictures of receipts electronically to campuslife@bates.edu.

Our Mission

Reflecting the Bates Institutional Plan, Campus Life plays an integral role in the education of the whole person, a “process through which students become aware of their interests, community, and purpose in the world.” We deepen the student experience by providing resources and opportunities to explore interests through involvement in student clubs and organizations, social events and programs, skill building workshops, and employment opportunities. An equity and inclusion lens is foundational to our work – we actively aspire to dismantle -isms and -phobias, and partner with students to do the same in their areas of influence.

If you have questions, contact us at 207-786-6305 or email campuslife@bates.edu