Welcome Club Leaders!

The Office of Campus Life is excited to work with you this academic year!

Campus Life supports Student Clubs, Organizations, Social Programming, and Leadership Opportunities.  Staff members are often out and about on campus connecting with students and staff, coordinating programs and events, and attending meetings. 

Campus Life Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 10:30-5:00pm. If you would like to connect with a staff member before 10:30am or after 5:00pm, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment. 

Here’s who and how:

  • Nick Dressler (he/his): Assistant Dean for Campus Life. 
  • Marisa Melnick (she/her): Coordinator of Outdoor Education and Programs and Administrative Coordinator for Campus Life. 
  • Kim Trauceniek (she/her): Senior Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life
    • Email: ktraucen@bates.edu
  • For General Campus Life Inquiries, email campuslife@bates.edu or call 207-786-6305

**Per college COVID-19 policies, masks are required inside of the Office of Campus Life and in the designated waiting area.

Our Mission

Reflecting the Bates Institutional Plan, Campus Life plays an integral role in the education of the whole person, a “process through which students become aware of their interests, community, and purpose in the world.” We deepen the student experience by providing resources and opportunities to explore interests through involvement in student clubs and organizations, social events and programs, skill building workshops, and employment opportunities. An equity and inclusion lens is foundational to our work – we actively aspire to dismantle -isms and -phobias, and partner with students to do the same in their areas of influence.

If you have questions, contact us at 207-786-6305 or email campuslife@bates.edu