Club Re-Registration Process

The Club Re-Registration process occurs annually. Please find the timeline for the 2023-24 process below.

Tuesday, February 7Club Re-Registration Opens

You may find the button to intitate Re-Registration at the top of your Bates Engage group’s Officer Dashboard.

Monday, March 13 @ 11:59pmClub Re-Registration DUE for all clubs
Summer 2023Club officers are notified of the status of their re-registration request

The following information is modified from the FAB Constitution:

  1. Club Re-Registration will consist of the following elements:
    1. A copy of the constitution the club intends to have in effect for the following academic year.
    2. A complete roster of active members. Active membership is defined as continual participation in club meetings, events, programs, and other activities, and should be determined as participation in at least 51% of the club’s activities.
    3. Club officer position-holders of Community Liaison and four other officers for the following year.
      1. Proxies for these position-holders may be accepted, if the club constitution stipulates that selection of these individuals does not occur until after the application is due.
      2. Please note these officers will replace the officers on record in Bates Engage after the conclusion of the current academic year. If a club changes its officers between Re-Registration and the end of the year, officers will still be replaced by the ones submitted during Re-Registration.
    4. A qualitative report of a club’s activities, including accomplishments, challenges, and goals for the coming year.
    5. If applicable, a list of club members who should have key or swipe access to the club’s storage or office space for the coming academic year.
  2. Re-Registration opens on Feburary 1 or the closest business date thereafter. It is due the second Monday in March at 11:59pm.
    1. If a club is late in submitting their Re-Registration without an extension from the Chair of FAB, that club risks loss of BCSG-recognized status.
    2. Deadline extensions are granted only by the Chair of FAB, and can be requested by emailing
  3. After Club Re-Registration has been submitted, FAB and Campus Life will review each submission individually. Please note this process may require correspondence among the club, FAB, and Campus Life – simply submitting Re-Registration does not guarantee continuation of BCSG-recognized status. Club officers are advised to be attentive to their email, and respond promptly to ensure a smooth process.
  4. Clubs that have not submitted a Re-Registration, and have no evidence of activity (including events, programs, meetings, and/or funding transactions) may be deemed inactive by FAB and Campus Life.
    1. A club deemed inactive has all funds currently in its account transferred to additional club funding and its account closed.
    2. A club deemed inactive may re-apply for club status after one full calendar year from the date of inactivation via the New Student Club Application.