How to Manage Your Club Funds

Campus Life and the BCSG Budgets & Clubs Board provides resources and support for the responsible management of club funds. Please find information below regarding how to access and use the funds already in your account. Need to obtain more money? Apply for more funding via your Bates Engage accounting book.

Where to Go

Unless you’re getting a cash advance for $150 or under, your first stop for all account transactions will be Campus Life.

Campus Life
Chase Hall 108
Open: Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm

When you need to speak to the cashier, you can find them in Lane Hall.

Cashiering – Accounting
Lane Hall 221
Open: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

Your Account Number

Regardless of whether a club receives an inital allocation, each club has an account. Your account number is formatted like this:


The first four digits are unique to each club, and are called the fund number. Don’t know your fund number? Contact

The second four digits are the same for every club – 3040 – and are called the org number. Both the fund and org number make up your club’s account number.

Account Reports

Your president and treasurer on record will receive a statement of club account activity for the academic year to date on or around the 15th of each month. If your president or treasurer are not receiving this report, please verify that they are listed as the president or treasurer in your club’s Bates Engage group. You may change your officers from this group, and email to notify them of the change to ensure that your club receives these reports.

Your Bates Engage accounting book should be reconciled with this report each month to verify accuracy. If you note any discrepancies or inaccuracies when comparing your monthly account report and your Bates Engage accounting book, please contact Campus Life at We’ll help you sort things out!

Accounting Book (formerly Club Ledger)

Clubs are expected to maintain an accounting book reflecting all account activity, separate from monthly account reports. This is because depending on the manner in which an expense is made, it could take up to two months to post to your account. An up-to-date accounting book is required for the Mid-Year Report (due the first Monday of December), and Club Renewal Application (due the second Monday of March), so it’s a good idea to keep an up-to-date book year-round.

You may access your club accounting book from the Officer Dashboard of your club’s Bates Engage group – just select “Accounting” to be taken to it.

Cash Advances

Clubs can get cash advances for amounts up to $150 by completing an Advance Request Form and bringing it to the cashier in Lane Hall 221. Any advances over $150 will be direct deposited to your bank account. Direct deposits are made on Fridays. Advances may not be used to fund overnight trips that have not been approved by Campus Life.

Once you have made your purchase, snap picture(s) of your receipt(s) and upload them to a payment request from your Bates Engage accounting book. Campus Life will fill out the relevant Accounting form and send it to you to sign off via AdobeSign. Bring any cash you may have left back to the cashier in Accounting to clear the advance. Make sure to complete this process – failure to do so may result in personal ramifications or club sanctions.

Reimbursements for Personal Funds Used

Per the Club Operations Policy, reimbursement requests must be submitted to Campus Life within ten business days of date of purchase.

If you use personal funds to make a club purchase, snap a picture(s) of your receipt(s) and upload them to a payment request from your Bates Engage accounting book. Campus Life will fill out the relevant Accounting form and send it to you to sign off via AdobeSign. Your reimbursement will be then be direct deposited to your bank account. Direct deposits are made on Fridays.

Please note that in order to be reimbursed for overnight travel expenses, you must have submitted the relevant Overnight Travel Form and received a trip number from Campus Life in advance of departing on the trip.

Payments to Non-Bates Entities

Please find detailed information on how to navigate contract negotiation and required certificates of liability insurance here. Students may not sign contracts on behalf of Bates College. Please do not hesitate to contact Campus Life at for guidance and support.

Invoices and contracts for payments should uploaded to a payment request from your Bates Engage accounting book. Payments to non-Bates entites require a W-9 form filled out by the person or group you are paying. Please note that students currently enrolled at Bates College may not be paid using funds from your club account. Note that this is a legal requirement outside of Bates control.

Never pay for services rendered by non-Bates entities from your personal funds – always use club money.

If you are paying someone who is a foreign national please check with Campus Life well in advance of the person’s arrival. There are federal rules that govern if the person can be paid or not.

Payments are made via Bates College check; checks are cut on Thursdays, and are generally mailed. If your speaker or performer requires a check on-site, let Campus Life know when you drop it off, and you may pick it up from Accounting in Lane Hall 221 on Friday morning.

Campus Life Credit Cards

Campus Life has both a Visa and a Walmart credit card available for clubs to check out to make purchases. They also have a BJs membership card available that can be checked out in conjunction with the Visa. The advantage of using Campus Life credit cards is that your club account will be debited directly, rather than having to take out a cash advance or getting reimbursed.

If you’re interested in checking out a credit card, please visit Campus Life in Chase Hall 108. If possible, make an appointment in advance with Campus Life staff to be extra sure that someone will be in the office to assist you. They will verify you have the funds necessary in your account to make your purchase(s), and then give you the card. Credit cards should be returned as soon as possible, and preferably within 24 hours of check out. If no one is in Campus Life when you visit, note that the College Store also has credit cards available for check out, but this option should be used sparingly, and considered a last resort.

Once the purchase has been made, be sure to save the itemized receipt, and return the receipt and the card to Campus Life. Remember to snap picture(s) of your receipt(s) and upload them to a payment request from your Bates Engage accounting book to keep track of the purchase. Your club will be charged directly for the purchase. Please note that it may take up to two months for these charges to appear on your club account, so it is important to log these purchases in your Bates Engage accounting book to ensure that you do not overdraw your account.


To make a deposit to your club account, visit Campus Life in Chase Hall 108. If you fill out the Deposit Summary Form prior to doing so, your visit will be shorter! Campus Life will assist you in filling out the form to ensure that the money is deposited correctly. Note that how the deposited funds are designated is important, especially if they are intended for a specific use.

Campus Life will review the form for accuracy and sign it to approve the deposit. You may then take the form and cash or check(s) to the cashier in Lane Hall 221 to complete your deposit.

Club-to-Club Fund Transfers

Campus Life approves club-to-club fund transfers. You may request a transfer here. Upon approval, the transfer should post within two business days.