Classroom Committee

2018-19 Committee members:

Lee Abrahamsen, Associate Professor, Biology

Paul Farnsworth, Project Manager, Facility Services

Steven Kemper, Charles A. Dana Professor of Anthropology

Benjamin Lizzotte, Senior Audio/Visual Analyst, Information and Library Services

Mary Meserve, Chair, Registrar

Jason Scheideman, Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Budget and Administration

Pat Schoknecht, Vice President for Information and Library Services/College Librarian

Pamela Wichroski, Director of Capital Planning and Construction, Facility Services

Committee charge:

The Classroom Committee is charged with gathering and prioritizing requests for improvements to on-campus shared teaching spaces and provides oversight and stewardship of those spaces.  The Committee oversees the maintenance and upkeep of all classrooms, teaching labs, and teaching studios and represents these spaces and their users in the annual capital budgeting process.  The Committee encourages collaboration on improvements to spaces that are used primarily by a single department or program.

A list of spaces currently under the auspices of the Classroom Committee can be found here.

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