Let the Students Do the Talking

Here at the Harward Center, we love to talk about our work. We love to share stories of students who have chosen their career paths based on a volunteer opportunity they took on a whim in their first year. We love to talk about the achievements of students who’ve taken a complex research question from a community partner, and used the skills they’ve honed in their field of study to provide a polished report that offers answers. We love to tell stories of transformation, and the impact that mutually beneficial partnerships between students and community organizations can have for everyone involved. As much as we love to tell these stories, we know that no one tells them better than the students who have experienced them firsthand. 

Last fall, we asked Ronan Goulden ‘22, one of our outstanding student workers and a member of the Bonner Leader Program, to put his video production skills to use and interview peers who have made community-engagement a central part of their Bates experience. Students responded to questions about a wide range of topics, from what they love most about Lewiston, to the ways that their work in the community has complemented and enhanced their academic learning. Their answers to Ronan’s questions provide a great introduction to the benefits of community-engagement and the work of the Harward Center.

Video 1: Where Are Bates Students Most Involved in the Community?

Video 2: What Do You Love About Lewiston?

Video 3: What Have You Learned from Community-Engaged Work?

Video 4: What Do You Value About Community Engagement Work?

Video 5: How Has Community-Engaged Learning Enhanced Your Experience at Bates College?