The Harward Center sponsors and co-sponsors diverse public programs designed to equip participants for civically engaged lives. Links to some of those programs may be found below.

In addition, information about upcoming events is available here. Information about a range of other opportunities is available here and here.


Click here for video of the 11/16/15 Civic Forum lecture, “Harness the Sun: America’s Quest for a Solar-Powered Future” by lawyer, former Conservation Law Foundation president and author Phil Warburg.

Click here for video of the 11/12/15 Civic Forum lecture, “Burning Desire: Our Longing for Justice and Hope for Healing” by Becca Stevens, internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, and social entrepreneur, and founder of Thistle Farms, a social enterprise run by women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction, and life on the streets.

Click here for video of the 10/26/15 Civic Forum lecture, “Preserving the Cuban Revolution During ‘Normalization'” by Cuban popular educator and writer Ariel Dacal Díaz.

Click here for audio of the 10/14/15 Civic Forum lecture, “”How Washington Works (Or Doesn’t)” by Maine’s United States Senator, Angus King.


Click here for video of the 10/1/2014 Civic Forum presentation by Passamaquoddy members Denise Altvater and Esther Attean on the history, necessity and process of the historic Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission created to address the harm done to native children who were taken from their families by the State and forced to assimilate into the dominant culture.  The presentation includes an introduction by famed artist, Robert Shetterly, creator of the nationally acclaimed series, “Americans Who Tell the Truth.”

On 10/20/14 the Hon. James Tierney, Columbia Law School faculty and former Attorney General for the State of Maine, delivered a major address on the impact of immigrants on Maine’s economic future.

  • Click here to listen to the audio file for that address.
  • Click here to watch the video file for that address.
  • Click here to download a copy of an expanded text version of that address in PDF format.
  • Click here to read the text version of another address that Tierney delivered on April 22, 2002 at The University of Maine, entitled “Diversity in Maine: An Opportunity.”

Click here for video of the 11/3/2014 Civic Forum discussion by the iDebate Rwanda team on the emergence of the younger Rwandan generation’s voice in creating their own sense of identity and leadership aims.  They discussed how they are using debate to overcome the consequences and legacy of genocide to provide a new path for their nation; and and how they deal with those consequences in the representation of memory in debate, literature and other artistic forms.


Video of the 10/24/13 Civic Forum lecture, “Ubuntu: An African Contribution to the Universality of Human Rights” by South African Justice Albert Sachs


Click here to watch a video interview with Manal al-Sharif by Bates College Television.

Click here to watch Manal al-Sharif’s TED talk.

Click here to watch Manal al-Sharif’s talk at the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Click here to download the current community-engaged learning shuttle schedule (fall 2013).


Click here to watch a video of the 9/11/12 Civic Forum lecture, “Will There Be an Occupy 2.0?” by Todd Gitlin.

Video of the 9/29/12 Civic Forum panel, “The Path from Activism to Leadership: Through the Alumni Lens of Engagement”:

Click here to watch a video of the 10/1/12 Civic Forum panel, “The History and Future of the Clean Water Act in Maine.”

Video of the 10/10/12 Civic Forum lecture, “Frances Perkins: New Deal Legacy and Lessons for Today” by Laura Fortman:

Click here to watch a video of the 11/14/12 Bertha May Bell Andrews Lecture, “Leading Change: Story, Strategy, Action” by Marshall Ganz.

Click here to watch an audio slideshow of Victoria Lowe ’12, a double major in dance and American cultural studies, as she discusses her Short Term experience with “Tour, Teach, Perform” and her goal of advancing arts education in the schools.

Click here to watch a video of Savoring Androscoggin County, a performative meal and the culmination of student research activities for the course “Food, Performance + Community,” taught by Professor Myron M. Beasley and supported by a Harward Center Grant for Publicly-Engaged Academic Projects.


Click here to visit the Androscoggin River Portal, created by students in ES417 during the 2011 fall semester.

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