Transportation to Partner Sites


Green Options
Many of our community partners are based in downtown Lewiston, and you can often walk or bike (especially great with friends!) to your community partnership sites. Through the Green Bikes program, you can check out a bike from campus to ride to partner sites.

Community-Engaged Learning Shuttle Information
Students who need transportation to off-campus sites can also use one of our two shuttle services, one operating on a regular schedule, and the other providing a “taxi service.”

Scheduled Shuttles
The bus shuttle operates on two loops during the school day. The first loop, departing from Chase Hall on the half hour beginning at 8:30 am, stops at Longley, Martel, Lewiston High School, , and Farwell. The second loop, departing on the hour from Chase Hall beginning at 9:00 am, stops at McMahon, Montello, and Geiger. In the afternoon, starting at 3:00 pm, this shuttle will make its rounds to Tree Street and the Lewiston Public Library. Please click here to download a copy of the current CEL shuttle schedule (fall 2018).

Taxi Shuttle
If a student is going to a location that is not included on one of the established routes, or if the shuttle arrives but is full, he/she may call our other community-engaged learning shuttle. Our “taxi” shuttle is a service that runs from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday taking students to community placements in Lewiston and Auburn. Requests are made through the security dispatcher and radioed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis to the driver of the van. Shuttle drivers know directions to all schools and most community agencies if you have the correct name.

To request a taxi shuttle, you should go to Security and speak to the person at the Concierge Desk. The van will pick you up in front of Chase as soon as possible. You must be prepared to wait as long as 30 minutes for a ride depending on where the van is when you call. The shuttle cannot take advance “reservations.” You must be at Chase when you need the ride.

When you are ready to return, call (207) 786-8300. It will help everyone use the shuttle more efficiently if you:

  • avoid making requests for rides for distances under a mile except in inclement weather or other special circumstances.
  • coordinate with other students going to the same location and make one call to the shuttle.
  • plan to be picked up from your school placement by no later than 2:30 pm.

Shuttle drivers will leave if you are not in a visible location when they arrive to pick you up.

If you have any concerns about the shuttle service, including extended—over 30 minute—waits, they should be emailed to Kevin Plaisted ( Concerns are monitored and efforts are made to address them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Other Ways to Get Around

You may also wish to consider the following transportation options:

  1. There is a public bus service (known as the Purple Bus) in Lewiston/Auburn; you can find schedules, fares, and route information online at
  2. Bates College has a Zipcar service: read more and sign up at
  3. If you choose to ride in a private vehicle, but if you choose to drive or ride with someone else, please bear in mind that the primary insurance coverage is that of the vehicle. So if you decide to drive three friends in your car to a volunteer event, your car’s insurance is what will take care of everyone if anything happens. Similarly, if you borrow a friend’s car, his/her insurance will be primary.