CommunityPulse is the one stop shop for all community engagement opportunities, events, and information from the Harward Center! With CommunityPulse, you can do the following:

  • Learn about and sign up for community engagement opportunities in the Lewiston Auburn Area
  • Discover and sign up for on-campus and off-campus community events
  • Log the hours spent engaging with the off-campus community over your four years at Bates
  • Explore the different community engagement programs facilitated by the Harward Center

To access CommunityPulse, click the button below and log in with your Bates credentials. Please also explore the tutorial videos below on how to take full advantage of the platform.

CommunityPulse Tutorials

How to Login to CommunityPulse

How to Navigate CommunityPulse

How to Register for Community Engagement Opportunities on CommunityPulse

How to Log Community Engagement Hours on CommunityPulse

How to Use the GivePulse App to Access CommunityPulse

  1. Download the GivePulse App on the Apple or Google Play Store
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and on the login page select “Continue with Single Sign-On”
  3. Click “Find Your Login Provider” and Type in “Bates” and select “Bates College – Harward Center For Community Partnership”
  4. Complete the Bates Login portal by using your Bates College Credentials

If you have any questions or issues with CommunityPulse, please email