Election Information
Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2023
Time: Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm
Local Poll Information: Lewiston, Maine

Bates Campus Residences are part of three city wards. Most students will vote at the Lewiston Armory. Please look at the list below to find your polling location and city ward.

Polling Location: 
Lewiston Armory – 65 Central Ave. Lewiston, ME
Ward 1 
Preview Ballot Here
Ward 3
Preview Ballot Here
10 Frye Street
Adams Hall
Chase House
Cheney House
Frye House
Frye St Union
Gillespie Hall
Hacker House
Hayes House
Hopkins House
Mitchell House
Moody House
Moulton House
Page Hall
Parker Hall
Pierce House
Rand Hall
Rzasa House
Small House
Smith Hall
Webb House
Wilson House
Chu Hall
Clason House
Herrick House
Kalperis Hall
Milliken House
Nash House
Parsons House
Stillman House
Turner House
Whittier House
Wood St House

Polling Location: 
Montello Elementary – 407 East St. Lewiston, ME
*Vans to the polls depart from Commons on Central Ave. every hour starting at 7:30am*
Ward 2
Preview Ballot Here
John Bertram Hall 

Off-Campus Students
Find your polling location here.

In order to vote, please bring your Bates ID, your Voter Registration Badge, and a piece of mail (bill or utility) that verifies your residential address.

What to bring to the polls:

Two Key Things: Your Bates ID and Smartphone (or a Printout from Garnet Gateway)

The process for voter check-in has changed this year.

In order to vote at the polls (or register to vote), students must bring their Bates ID, which establishes their identity.  Because student IDs will feature preferred names instead of legal names, you will need to show your Voter Registration Badge, available on Garnet Gateway, that establishes legal identity and your residency at Bates.  

Finding Your Voter Registration Badge (via Smart Phone or Computer):

When you are logged into Garnet Gateway, look at the sidebar menu for Account & Access and click the “Voter Registration” link.
Your Voter Registration Badge will show up that discloses your chosen name, your legal name, and your local address on campus.  You will show this to your local elections clerk when you register or check in to vote on Election Day, or when you fill out your voter registration card.
If you do not have a smartphone, you will need to print a copy of your Voter Registration Badge and bring it with you to the polls on Election Day. This is an image of the printout you should bring.

What’s on my ballot?

Announcing the Bates Votes Guide to the 2023 Elections

Maine has 8 statewide referendum questions on the ballot, along with municipal races for Mayor, City Council, and School Committee.  Many of these races are consequential about whether our local government will invest in affordable housing, educational equity, public safety, and more! Take a look at the 2023 Bates Votes Guide to the Elections and the Bates Student Voter Guide. It’s a great nonpartisan resource to consider when you’d like to learn more about your candidates.

2023 Election Forum Recordings:

Last week, the Harward Center sponsored two informational forums about the 2023 Elections. Please check out the videos from the event to learn more.

Get Involved – Get Out the Student Vote

To help with Get Out the Vote efforts on, contact Jenna Dela Cruz Vendil at or sign-up to volunteer on Election Day.

For Faculty & Staff wishing to support Bates students voting (some for the first time), contact or sign up to volunteer at the polls on Election Day.