Community Outreach Fellows Program

Community Outreach Fellows serve as coordinators for community volunteer programs. As part of a team of students who have considerable civic engagement experience and leadership potential, they help their fellow students find desired opportunities for co-curricular volunteer work in a wide range of areas.

Each Fellow serves as a campus liaison to a local non-profit organization or as a coordinator for a specific area of interest, works to educate the campus community about that organization or interest area, and recruits, trains, and manages Bates volunteers for engagement with the agency or within the interest area. Community Outreach Fellows also participate in monthly reflection and skill-building workshops and several retreats designed to develop their civic leadership capacities.


Fellows are paid to work 3-6 hours per week (depending on the position) over the course of both fall and winter semesters. Interested students may click here to download an application. They are also welcome to contact Marty Deschaines (mdeschai@bates.du) at 207-786-8273 for more information.
Deadline: March 25, 2019


“[Working with organization staff, high school youth, Bates students and community volunteers] reminded me of the power of teamwork and the power of people of different backgrounds coming together.”



Julia Horwitz ‘19
Washington, D.C.
Major: Politics with a minor in Education

At Bates, Julia enjoys spending time with friends, hiking, skiing, and playing intramural soccer. One of the most important aspects of her experience at Bates has been her engagement with the Lewiston community through both her education field placements and work through the Harward Center. These engagements have made her feel more connected to the community she has lived in for the past three years and has enriched her experience at Bates in ways that could not have been achieved through a classroom setting.

Julia is assigned to the Hillview Afterschool Program, which provides homework help and enrichment activities.


Brooke Jandreau ’20
Hometown: Fort Kent, Maine
Major: Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies

At Bates, Brooke is on the trustees advisory committee, and is a Junior Advisor, a registered EMT with Bates EMS, and a student receptionist in Admissions. She has also done design work and directing through Bates’ student-run theater group, The Robinson Players.  This summer Brooke was a Social Emotional Learning Coordinator at a camp for at-risk, underprivileged youth from Boston. In her free time she likes to read anything from fiction to memoirs to couture fashion magazines. She loves to spend time with her family and her golden retriever, Ellie. She has a passion for serving others and enjoys giving time to those in need, specifically underprivileged and at risk groups/communities.

Brooke is assigned to Blake Street Towers and Meadowview, coordinating activities for elderly and younger disabled residents including a weekly brunch at Blake Street Towers.


Casey Kelley ‘21
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Major: Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish

Casey enjoys spending time outdoors as well as with her friends and family. She is particularly interested in social justice issues and spending time in the Lewiston community.

Casey is assigned to Art Programming, which includes weekly opportunities to work with youth through the ArtVan and Hillview Family Development.


Kerry Manuel ‘21
Andover, Massachusetts
Major: Undecided,  but leaning towards a major in Political Science and a minor in Computer Science

Kerry is a “Big” with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and she visits a blind and mentally disabled man at the Social Learning Center where they take walks. She will be a tour guide in the fall and write for the newspaper. Kerry loves current events and stays up to date on national and global issues. She has been playing piano for 10 years. She does not play volleyball for Bates but still loves to play and has been playing for 7 years. Kerry loves meeting new people, being creative, traveling, learning new things, and trying new foods.

Kerry coordinates the Montello Mentoring Program, where a Bates student is matched with a student at Montello Elementary School and visits once a week to form a friendship and serve as a role model.


Joshua Redd ‘21
Brooklyn, New York
Major: Biological Chemistry and Sociology

Joshua is extremely interested in developing a culture at Bates that inspires and facilitates connections between Lewiston residents and Bates students. He is a part of clubs like the Black Student Union, Caribbean Student Association and Know Your Roots, which all reflect his want to represent the community and be a part of it. Aside from that, he loves to write, read, and binge watch old episodes of Law and Order whenever he gets the chance.

Joshua will work with the Lewiston High School 21st Century Program, recruiting volunteers to work with youth on college aspirations.


Eleanor Shields ‘20
Bar Harbor, Maine
Major: Psychology and Rhetoric double-major and an Educational Studies minor

Eleanor enjoyed serving on the Bates Civic Action Team for two years, working at Maine Immigration and Refugee Services, and engaging in other ways with the Lewiston-Auburn community. She also loves hiking and exploring, especially at Acadia National Park near her home.

Eleanor has been named the America Reads/America Counts Coordinator and will be organizing tutoring opportunities in public schools for Bates students.


Madison Shmalo ‘19
Kennebunk, Maine
Major: Psychology with an Educational Studies minor

Maddy has always been really passionate about volunteering, and in addition to her work with the Social Learning Center, she has volunteered at Tree Street, Montello Elementary, and Hillview Resource Center. She spent this past summer interning at Aucocisco School in Cape Elizabeth. Maddy especially likes traveling to new places and hiking throughout Maine.

Maddy coordinates the Social Learning Center Friendship Program, where a Bates student is matched with a participant at the Social Learning Center and visits that person weekly.


Ilze Smidt ‘21
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Johannesburg, South Africa
Major: Neuroscience and English with a GEC in Children, Adolescents, and School

A registered EMT, Ilze has a passion for helping those in need. She has spent much of her life traveling, having lived in both South Africa and China before coming to the US. In her free time Ilze enjoys embroidery and knitting as well as watching foreign films.

Ilze is assigned to the Lewiston Public Library Academic Success Program, which offers homework help for middle- and high-school students, who are mostly English Language Learners.


George Steckel ‘19
Scarsdale, New York
Major: Theater

George is interested in all things food and sports. He loves spending time with his family and friends and spending time outside.

George leads the Book Buddies programs, where Bates students read one-on-one with elementary school children twice a week.


Emma Westwater ‘19
Arlington, Massachusetts
Major: Politics with a minor in Spanish and Educational Studies

Emma’s other interests and experiences include Ultimate Frisbee, social justice, study abroad in Chile, outdoor education, outdoors in general, AESOP, and running!

Emma is coordinating Bates volunteers for the 21st Century after-school programs in Lewiston elementary schools.


Hermione Zhou ‘21
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Major: Environmental Studies and Sociology

Hermione has been involved in a lot of initiatives aiming to promote nutrition, and tackling food insecurity and food waste. She is a member of Maine Gleaning Network, and Androscoggin Gleaners (based in St. Mary’s Nutrition Center). She is also the president of Bates Gleaners and a member of ReHarvest Initiative started here at Bates. She hopes to help address issues of food insecurity, obesity, and diabetes through this position. Last year Hermione volunteered at Lots to Gardens and some Nutrition Center programs. She will be the community liaison for Bates Christian Fellowship and the Powerlifting Club.

Hermione is assigned to Food and Nutrition Programming, which includes regular opportunities to volunteer with the St. Mary’s Nutrition Center and Hillview Family Development.