Community Engaged Learning Grant Application

Supported by the Arthur Crafts and Helen A. Papaioanou Funds, CEL Grants provide resources for students who design volunteer service projects or an academically-related community-engaged learning project. These grants may be used to cover incidentals such as supplies, fees, transportation costs, or research expenses. Awards are competitive, are granted without regard to financial need, and are available to students in all disciplines and classes. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the committee every week as long as funds remain available.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your proposal will be considered, you must submit your application AT LEAST one week before the funds are needed.

  • Please format as (###) ###-####
    The CEL Grant committee is committed to awarding funds to projects that benefit the community and support community-led initiatives. If you have not yet consulted with your community partner about your application, please do so before submitting your application.
  • Please provide a description of the project the grant will support, including BOTH a description of the project AND an explanation of how the work relates to your course of academic study, if applicable. Students are encouraged to explain the impact of the proposed project, and how the initiatives supported by the requested funds might be sustained in future semesters. A sample description may be found on the Harward Center's website.
  • The maximum award for CEL grants is $200. However, transportation-related expenses CANNOT exceed $100. Funds CANNOT be used for activities that have already taken place, and CANNOT be used to cover tuition or credentialing fees. Funds are awarded on a per semester basis. If funds are needed for more than one semester, a separate grant application must be submitted for each semester. Please only apply for funding during the semester for which it is needed. There is no guarantee that funding will be awarded for subsequent semesters.
  • Please provide a detailed budget, listing out the items/services you intend to purchase, where you intend to purchase them, and how much they cost. Your budget should also include the sum of expenses. A sample budget may be found on the Harward Center's website.
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