Orgs. & Committees

There are over 100 recognized student organizations at the College representing a broad range of interests. Take a moment to¬†peruse the listing. Feel free to attend their meetings; they’re always looking for new members.

If you’re interested in a group, look for posters announcing its meetings or check the listings in the Bates Daily. Phone numbers and mailboxes of contact people may be found in the Directory. If you have an interest which is not met by one of these groups, stop by the Student Activities Office to discuss Starting a new organization. There’s always room for more.

The Representative Assembly is Bates’ student government. The R.A. is both a forum for students to voice opinions on important campus issues and a liaison between the student body and the administration. The R.A. selects students to serve on student-faculty committees and allocates funds to Bates’ recognized student organizations, while also financially supporting numerous activities and initiatives on campus through both the allocations process and its co-sponsorship fund.