Electron Microscopy/EDS Laboratory

The SEM/EDS Laboratory is a shared campus facility used primarily by the departments of Biology, Geology, and Chemistry.

Colorized fly head

Wildtype Drosophila melanogaster head. Colorized post-acquisition using Adobe Photoshop.

During fall 2012 the lab acquired a new FE-SEM/EDS system funded in large part by a Sherman-Fairchild Foundation grant to Bates College. The college has purchased a JEOL JSM-7100 FLV variable vacuum field emission SEM and a Thermo/Noran System 7 EDS system. We look forward to training our students on these up-to-date technologies and welcome the expanded opportunities for innovative teaching and research that the new instruments will bring!


Greg Anderson, AI, EM lab tech
(207) 786-6110

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