The Biology Department is a diverse group of progressive and energetic individuals dedicated to instilling in our students a love of biology and the knowledge and skills they will need to excel in their pursuits after Bates College.

Faculty and AI's work closely with students in inquiry-based laboratories in both core and elective courses. (L) Assoc. Prof. Ryan Bavis, (C) Asst. Prof. Larissa Williams, (R) Carolyn Lawson AI.

Faculty and AI’s work closely with students in inquiry-based laboratories in both core and elective courses.       (L) Prof. Ryan Bavis, (C) Assoc. Prof. Larissa Williams, (R) Carolyn Lawson AI.

The Biology Department is comprised of nine tenure-track faculty, one visiting faculty, one lecturer, and six academic and technical support staff members. Our faculty teach a wide range of courses and support a range of undergraduate research opportunities including Honors thesis, thesis, independent study, and small Research and Seminar courses. The support staff includes two full time Assistants in Instruction (AI’s, or lab instructors), half-time contributions from AIs in the Chemistry and Neurobiology programs, a biology technician who manages the stockroom and departmental accounting, and a technician who oversees laboratory and building-wide safety, research animal care, and the greenhouse facilities.

In Fall 2018, the department welcomes four new faculty members: genetics, evolution and developmental biologist, Dr. April Hill,  Professor of Biology, and marine ecologist Dr. Kate Dobkowski, a Visiting Assistant Professor, biochemist Dr. Louise Brogan, Lecturer, and teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Lecturer Bruno Salazar-Perea M.D.  . We look forward to their contributions to our program as scholars, teachers, and mentors.

Dr. April Hill

Dr. Katie Dobkowski

Dr. Louise Brogan

Bruno Salazar-Perea, MD


Carnegie Science Building

Carnegie Science main entrance.

The Biology Department occupies the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the Carnegie Science Building at 44 Campus Avenue, on the south side of the Bates College campus.