1. Is academic dress required for Convocation and Commencement?

– Yes, it is required. Bates College does have gowns available for faculty to borrow for these occasions. E-mail announcement of availability will be sent prior to event.

2. How do I get reimbursed for expenses?

-All forms can be found by visiting Accounting.

**Forms must be accompanied by original receipts**

3. Who can I see about…textbooks, computer help, mail services, etc.
– You will find information at Whom to See for What

4. What information will I find on the Dean of Faculty’s website?
– You will find information regarding faculty handbook, personnel procedures and deadlines, faculty committees, faculty teaching and support, Mellon Learning Associate Program and much more at https://www.bates.edu/dof .

5. How can I find out about faculty research grant opportunities?
You will find information at: https://www.bates.edu/dof/faculty-scholarship/

6. What is an email listserve, and how do I subscribe?
– There are a number of listserves for everything from SOCFAC (for the Social Sciences) to FORSALE (from buying, selling, or trading cars, cameras, and bikes to how to get rid of woodchucks in your garden!) Please check out the following link:  lists.bates.edu.

7. I have a meeting in Hirasawa Lounge, how do I find where I’m going?
– A list of Common Areas and Meeting Spaces is located at

8. How can I find a good restaurant? Things to do? Areas of interest in Lewiston/Auburn?
– There are a number of links to the Lewiston/Auburn area