Class of 1950

Class Secretary: Lois Keniston Penney, 75 Hickory Hill Rd., Kensington CT 06037,

Class President: Weston Bonney, 263 Clifton St., Portland ME 04103,

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Weston Bonney was happy to welcome retired Bates Dean Jim Carignan ’61 to the Maine State Board of Education, on which he serves. “Jim will make a significant contribution to our work for Maine kids.”… For her 75th birthday, Barbara Cotton and her family visited the Civil War battlefield near Washington, D.C., where her grandfather was wounded. The trip was a surprise birthday present from her three children…. Her husband’s health keeps them from taking long trips, but Frances Curry Kerr has enjoyed short trips to a number of nearby locations. She hopes George continues to do well so they can plan a trip to New England…. Bob and Gladys Bovino Dunn ’51 planned to spend three months in Hawaii this year…. Marjorie Dwelley Reid has a grandson, Nathan Reid, who just finished his junior year at Bates, and a cousin, Laura Clarkson, soon to be a sophomore. Nate had hoped his brother would go to Bates too, but he has applied to Colby. “What a blow!” says Marjorie…. Barbara Galloupe Gagnon finds that the most notable occasions are “close to home and decidedly human.” But she wonders: Is that because of “advancing age or just better perspective?”… Robert Hamlen says he has “the usual creaks and squeaks,” but is still chugging along…. Oswyn Hammond swam in the Maine Senior Games again. “Twelve years ago there were several in my age group. Now there are only a few and I came away with several gold medals. I’m not fast, but I’m durable and enjoy the people.”… In June, Virginia Hastings Gamble and her sister co-chaired a house and garden tour of Bethel, a benefit for the Bethel Historical Society. George continues to deal with Parkinson’s, but is active in Rotary, church, and senior college…. Walker and Sylvia Stuber Heap work together at the Spine Center. Walker says it helps him “slow the evaporation rate of knowledge.” Sylvia works as his secretary, taking and relaying messages, and making sure that he gets to his appointments on time. Walker is also working to re-establish the American chestnut tree in North America, which was nearly obliterated in the first half of the last century…. Glenn Kumekawa was voted in as a member of the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners. He serves as a senior fellow of the Coastal Institute of the University of Rhode Island and is president of the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund, which makes scholarship grants for the continuing education of members of the Southeast Asian refugee community. The fund commemorates the effort to salvage 4,000 college-aged Nisei students, including Glenn and Bill Sakamoto ’49, from the 10 internment camps during World War II…. Next June, Muriel Mansfield Leach will return to Maine to a new house she has had built next door to her youngest daughter and her family in Charlotte…. Lyla Nichols Barclay found Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland a fascinating place. It’s a World Heritage site with remarkable geological contrasts…. Hugh and Lois Keniston Penney celebrated Hugh’s 50th year of ordination with friends and family. He continues as minister to retired clergy for the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ…. Agnes Perkins Shera enjoys weekly advanced square dancing, as well as nature studies and field trips. She was thrilled to reunite with her roommate, Jeanne Pieroway Piccirillo. “We had not seen each other for more than 50 years and had a wonderful visit making up for lost time. Jeanne remains a very special person and the delightful time we had together was a highlight of 2003 for me.”… Charles Radcliffe does the shopping and cooking while Shirley continues to build her 401K at the Annapolis headquarters of ARINC, the world’s leading aeronautical communications company. He was eagerly anticipating a total knee replacement…. Frederick Slocum says, “As long as the sun keeps coming up, I’ll continue with tennis six days a week and let other matters take care of themselves.”… David Turell’s first book, Government by Political Spin, is at the Bates library (2000), and his next book, Science vs. Religion: The 500-Year War: Finding God in the Heat of the Battle, has been accepted by PublishAmerica and should be out soon.

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