Class of 2003

Class Secretary: Kathleen Burke, Apt. 311, 2712 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington DC 20007,

Class President: Jason Hirschhorn, 27 Cambria St., Somerville MA 02143,

Kat Bennett is the assistant coach of the Healthy Hometowns ski program at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. The program focuses on accessibility, sustainability, and a healthier environment for children and their families…. Brandon Breen works on the California condor reintroduction program for the Peregrine Fund. He’s based in Marble Canyon, Ariz., as part of a crew of 10. “Fascinating birdies,” he says, “and we have our first wild-born condor chick this year!”… Graham Carter Keithley traveled to the Amazon and the Inca Trail prior to beginning a stint in the Navy in March…. Kimberly Martell lives in San Diego, where she was training for the 2004 Boston Marathon. She planned to run it to support St. Elizabeth’s Cancer Care and Research Fund…. Matt Pangallo is president and artistic director of the Salem Theatre Co., a fledgling group in Salem, Mass. In April, the company planned to commemorate Shakespeare’s 440th birthday with an unusual program called Rouse Up Thy Youthful Blood! Be Valiant, and Live! — an open-mike celebration of Shakespeare’s work. “We welcome the people of Salem and the North Shore to experience speaking the words of the greatest playwright in Western literature,” Matt said. “They can come prepared, take the stage to read if the spirit moves them, or just listen. They can read scenes with friends or a stranger, try their hand at a famous Shakespearean monologue, or impress a loved one with a sonnet.” In May, Matt planned to direct The Tempest, the biggest production of the company’s inaugural season…. In Bolivia, Patrick Quirk worked to help free six illegally detained social movement leaders. He works for an NGO, writing and delivering speeches on topics such as the Free Trade Agreement, exporting gas from Bolivia, and a possible constitutional assembly. He writes that he has come to see “how U.S. foreign policy has, and continues to, meddle, if not fully alter, the majority of Bolivian lives.” He has also had a chance to travel all over Bolivia and Ecuador…. John Sallay works as a publisher’s assistant for Simon and Schuster in New York City.

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