Class of 1945

Co-Class Secretaries: Carleton and Arline Sinclair Finch, 612 Rindge Rd., Fitchburg MA 10420,

Class President: C. Keith Wilbur Jr., 397 Prospect St., Northampton MA 01060,

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Frances Burns is still boating, gardening, and painting, and sends best wishes to everyone…. Zeke and Arline Sinclair are active with Habitat for Humanity, and got the mayor of Fitchburg, Mass., to give four lots to the organization. They have set a goal of building five houses this year. Zeke is the chapter treasurer, and John Meyn ’63 and Halsey Platt ’88 are board members…. In honor of her 80th birthday, Mary Hamlin March was treated to a trip to Ireland last summer by all of her adult children. They rented a modernized stone cottage and toured the southwest part of the country…. Harold Hurwitz reports that despite bypass surgery and problems with rheumatoid arthritis, his work is proceeding on the personal-political biography he’s writing about Robert Havemann, the reform communist and civil libertarian who was important to the East Germans, whose sudden and adamant stance helped bring down the Wall and unite Germany. He’s also been able to collect all his quantifiable primary data about political resistance and public morale in West Berlin from 1945 until Willy Brandt’s and Egon Bahr’s policy of East/West detente succeeded (in 1974) to help pave the way for what happened in 1989…. Phyllis Jones Twichell reports “no earth-shaking changes” in her life. She continues to work with refugees, teaching English and being friends to Albanians, Somalians, and Iranian Kurds. Spinal stenosis has put sports, theater, and dance on the back burner, but she is writing “like a madwoman.” She had three poems published in Goose River Anthology 2003 (Goose River Press, in Waldoboro, Maine), and she read some work at New Year’s Portland…. “Would you believe,” writes Dave Lindquist, “that I am still in the travel business?” He works about 20 hours a week. “I still have a number of old as well as new customers, but like so many things today, our industry is going through drastic changes, and 2004 may be my last year.”… John Morrison lives at Masonic Health Care in Wallingford, Conn. He is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease…. Life continues to be full for Barbara Phillips Aalto in the “living and learning” community, Lasell Village, where she again managed to go way over the requirement of 450 hours of educational experiences. “A team of researchers is studying whether there is a difference in life span for those who are here,” she says, “but I can vouch for an increased joy and satisfaction level.”… Ed and Polly Beal Tooker enjoyed a variety of Elderhostels last year, including one in Hawaii, and one on wineries (with samples, they add). Ed’s final report for the USGS, summarizing his years of research in Utah on the formation of mining districts in the Oquirrh Mountains, is now complete and awaiting final approval for publication. Polly’s collection of memoirs, entitled By Thanksgiving It’ll Be Funny, is now in the capable hands of Xlibris.

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