Class of 1949

Class Secretary: Edith Routier, Apt. 2, 2 Wellington Terr., Brookline MA 02445,

Class President: Hugh Mitchell, 31 Mattoon St., Springfield MA 01105

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Lee and Arlene Bourne Begin meet twice yearly with seven couples who are also Bates graduates. They are also involved with Gideon International and their church…. Francis (Hi) Berry claims that his travels by motor home these days are over, but he manages to drive to Florida from Maine for the month of March…. Deedy Carr Foster and her husband, Dudley, have retired to Indian River Club in Melbourne, Fla. They live there winters and spend summers at the family home in Lancaster, N.H…. Joanne Currier Daiber’s memoirs, Salty Memoirs and Adventures in Marine Science, were published by the College of Marine Studies, Univ. of Delaware, in 2000. Joanne was the keynote speaker at an awards ceremony there the same year. She was the first woman scientist in the program, starting in 1951. Unfortunately, she is now living with Alzheimer’s…. Jim Facos continues to write and publish, the latest a novella, Jezzy, last year. A composer is setting his lyric opera, “Magdalene,” to music…. Maury Flagg is the communications director for the American Red Cross Retirees Assn., and serves as member and precinct co-chair for the Arlington (Va.) County Democratic Committee…. Lois Foster Johnson has been busy traveling with Friendship Force…. Mary Gibbs Woodcock keeps busy taking art lessons and ferrying grandchildren from one place to another. Dick ’48 is looking forward to working for Habitat for Humanity, as well as the church choir and serving on a couple of church boards…. Jeanne Gillespie Ferrell says it’s wonderful to have enough time to do all of the things “you’ve always dreamed about.” Floating down all the great rivers of the world is on her list, and she started by spending a unique week on the Amazon “near the source where the rain forests exist and the natives live mostly unaffected by modern technology.”… Donna Golder Henderson is a deaconess at the First Baptist Church in Melrose, Mass., and Milt ’50 is on the board of trustees…. Phillips Gordon has moved to a retirement community following the death of his wife, Ann. One granddaughter lives “reasonably close,” he says…. Sally Gove Caterine keeps busy at the assisted living residence where she lives in New London, N.H…. Joan Greenberg Brenner says her husband, Ev ’47 is semi-retired and is a million-mile business traveler, so she gratefully gets to “piggy-back” on some wonderful trips, including a Russian cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg with folks from Bates, Colby, and Bowdoin…. Stanley Hall is First Reader in the Christian Science church in Camden, with daughter Sue serving as Second Reader…. Jane Harrigan Ensign volunteers at Creative Discovery Children’s Museum, Habitat for Humanity, and Contact (a Christian telephone crisis service)…. When she isn’t traveling, Carolyn Hobbs Holgerson serves on the scholarship committee of the College Club of Hartford. She says it’s fun to meet and help select scholarship winners from groups of bright and talented high school seniors. She and husband Bernie ’51 traveled recently to America’s national parks on a trip that took them through seven Western states, and then a cruise that followed the path of the Vikings from England to France, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor, and finally Boston…. Nelson (Bud) Horne runs the annual Old First Night Decimarathon (2.7 miles). He holds the record for people in their 70s. He is looking to set the 80s record in two years. Three of their eight children are Batesies…. Allen Howlett still runs his wholesale business in Fullerton, Calif., at age 78. He says he is afraid to stop, since he doesn’t know what he’d do. Allen’s late wife, Jean Rosequist Howlett ’47, has two books on display in Pettengill Hall at Bates…. Nancy Jepson Leslie volunteers work with the children’s literacy reading program and the Friends of the Indiantown Library. For fun, she bowls, swims, and does needlework…. Evelyn Kushner Perlman still enjoys her work as a psychologist in schools and private practice…. From Ed Lonergan comes word that he is still living in “center city Philly, enjoying the cultural life.” Ed and his wife, Lucy, are involved in volunteer work in their church and at the natural science museum…. Shirley Mann Nelson is the senior instructional assistant in the Cheshire (Conn.) Public Schools. She finds working with special education students in grades four, five, and six a constant challenge…. Sue McBride Schulze’s volunteer work takes up much of her time, especially being a docent at the Ringling Museum…. Edie Routier enjoyed traveling on a Bates-Colby-Bowdoin alumni trip to Tuscany and Rome in June 2002. In Rome, she went on a specially arranged tour of the excavation under St. Peter’s Basilica, where St. Peter’s tomb is located…. William and Shirley Pease Sawyers enjoy the best of both worlds with eight months in Florida and four months on a lake in Pennsylvania. Near their home in Florida is Florida Southern College, where they have studied Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture  he designed several buildings on the campus…. Elizabeth Schoenherr Miller keeps busy with her hobbies: playing her home organ, quilting, genealogy research, organ workshops, watercolor painting, and church activities…. Bill Simpson has been active in senior basketball events for the past 11 years on the state level. His team has gone on to the once-in-two-years U.S. Senior Olympics each time since 1991, and has won one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. “Not too shabby for a bunch of old guys,” says Bill…. Elaine Smith Swanton has finally retired and is “having a ball.”… Last year, Pat Snell Wade enjoyed attending the Boston Bates Alumnae Club outing at the Borderland State Park in Easton, Mass. They toured the Ames mansion there…. Peggy Stewart Jones and Dana ’51 enjoy their retired life, playing golf, sailing and racing model sailboats (much fun and some stress), and doing a little volunteer work…. Athena Tikelis Kutrubes was looking forward to the Class of 1949’s 55th Reunion…. June Zimmerman Gillespie reports that after eight years on the national board of trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Assn., she was looking forward to that elusive entity called “more free time.” She now serves as chair of a UUA task force and says, “Once you’re in, you never get out.” June can’t decide to retire since she still enjoys her job.

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