Class of 1985

Class Secretary: Iben Jensen Eld, 19 Whelden Ln., Stow MA 01775,

Class President: Colleen Quint, 26 Hadfield Rd., Minot ME 04258,

Selections from the recent Class Letter: Mike Acton and Miriam Smith still live happily in Acton, Mass. Mike continues as director of research for AEW Capital Management and spends a lot of his work time traveling and a lot of his free time exchanging music. Miriam works part time doing free-lance consulting for Education Development Center and plays violin with various local orchestras and church ensembles. From time to time they have the pleasure of visits from Adam Abelson and his dogs…. Derek Anderson and Marty Claussen spent last summer visiting the Hindu and Buddhist temples of Angkor in Cambodia and the Micronesian island of Yap. Last fall, he became the acting head of school of Marin Academy. Derek and Marty participated in the so-called San Francisco Marriage Marathon in February, becoming one of the first 1,000 married gay couples in the United States to be recognized by a civic authority…. Peter Arenstam led the crew of the shallop Elizabeth Tilley on an 11-day journey from Plymouth, Mass., to Augusta in August 2003. He built the boat for the Pilgrim John Howland Society in Plymouth, to recreate the first trade voyage by the Pilgrims up the Kennebec River in 1628. The boat is a replica of the Pilgrims’ original boat. The 1628 journey landed at the Cushnoc in what is now Augusta. Peter worked for two years creating the replica boat…. Giovanna Bartucci is working on her doctorate…. Shannon Billings is the director of government relations for the Investment Company Institute, a trade association for the mutual fund industry. Graham Anderson is project manager for the technology group at USA Today…. Mark Buckley and Joan Buerk moved from Prague to London in 2001…. Brenda Bullock Gothers and husband Dave Gothers ’83 have resettled in the beautiful Farmington Valley and are glad to be back with family and friends. After being home for many years raising the kids, Brenda recently returned to work part-time for an insurance broker. She also has a small home-based desktop publishing business. Their family enjoys skiing, golfing, and hiking together…. Amy Coffey lives on Martha’s Vineyard and travels a great deal –mostly for work and some for pleasure. “Last year I was in Salt Lake City working for the Olympic Committee as housing coordinator for the Olympic Village — that was an amazing experience. I work mostly in the hospitality field — and am planning to travel to Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games as a consultant and then on to Torino, Italy, for the Winter 2006 Olympic Games.”… Lisa D’Antonio Bryan is busy expanding her yoga teaching, learning Ayurveda, and getting her first child into college for next fall…. Mike Eisenfeld is an environmental consultant in Farmington, N.M., in the four corners area. His wife, Erin Hourihan ’86, is the executive director of a family advocacy center in Farmington…. Terry Fennessy still works at Legg Mason in Baltimore as a managing director in institutional equity sales. “Will run in my first marathon in Chicago on Oct. 12 — better late than never! I see Tom Kravitz Peltier a lot — he works at Legg Mason also — and catch up with Andy Carman on a regular basis.”… Laurie Forsman writes from Jericho, Vt., “In addition to teaching the local adolescents to speak ‘la langue francaise,’ I am busy singing with the Burlington Choral Society, swing dancing, and volunteering at the local Humane Society.” She also has bought a house and notes, “Guess the house means that I’m finally an adult, and that I’m settling!”… Beth George is running “a year and a half late” since her third child was born. “Still doing the solo-law practice in Portland, Maine, representing mostly low or no income clients in a variety of matters.”… Dan Hoffman returns to Boston in August after completing a four-year tour at the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia. “I should be back in the U.S. for a few years for the first time in a while. I’ve served in Moscow, Finland, and Estonia the past 12 years.”… Clarissa Hunter Basch was lured away from Hampshire College by the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Conn., to be the associate dean of college counseling…. Rebecca Jones writes that she is still living the bucolic life of a country dermatologist in Chesterfield, N.H…. Chris Mason lives in Bermuda, where he and his wife, Rebecca, work in the insurance community…. C. J. May and his family were in Moscow, Russia, for the summer of 2002, adopting Nicholas Dmitry May…. Britt Mueller is in San Diego with her family. They love the sunshine and warm weather. She works full time at Qualcomm as a research library manager. “In our extremely limited moments of spare time, we can be found at the beach, gardening, and working on the house.”… Julie Newton Greenspan moved to Acton, Mass., in January 2003 when her husband took a job in Cambridge…. John Nissenbaum is looking forward to singing the national anthem at a Red Sox game in September with Boston’s Chorus pro Musica. He and his family will round out the fall with a trip to London and Paris…. Paula Pomponi Christofori lives in Belmont, Mass., caring for her three children and coaching high school basketball, which she really enjoys…. Colleen Quint writes, “Things are great at the Mitchell Institute — more than 600 Maine kids currently supported by the senator’s scholarship program, plus we have a new $10-million grant from the Gates Foundation to support Maine high schools in their efforts to be better places for kids — and at home in Minot. Just to make life interesting, I’ve joined the Minot School Board!”… Scott and Michelle Raymond and their sons moved from Carlsbad, Calif., to Bedford, N.H., last summer and got reacquainted with New England winters after a 14-year respite. They’re happy about being closer to friends and family in the Northeast…. Sue Rodgers Phinney is a busy homemaker. Their kids are 9, 5, and a “crazzzy” 2…. Last summer, Delmar Small and his partner, Teague Morris, visited 80 wind and water mills in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with about 50 other molinologists from all over the world. Del is starting his second academic year as administrator for the Bowdoin College music department (managing concerts, budget, and equipment), where he works with former Bates professor Mary Hunter…. Linda Tampkin Waller lives in London with her husband and three children. She is in contact with Joan Buerk and Mark Buckley, who also live in London. “Stephanie Wood came over to London about a year ago and we had a wonderful time having tea with Joan Buerk at the Orangerie in Kensington Palace.”… Leanne Valade is in her ninth year with Fidelity Investments in Boston. “Celebrated turning 40 last year with Lissa Bass and Karla Austen in Miami, Fla.!”… Veronica Valentine is a high school counselor for the Howard County Public Schools in Maryland…. Robin Waterman is near the end of her doctoral program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Her degree will be in the administration, policy, and social planning program, and her dissertation research focuses on creating collaboration between immigrant families and U.S. schools. She continues to visit the rural village where she once lived in El Salvador, and hopes to ultimately be involved in work that allows her to impact educational policies that affect the rural poor in Central America and Mexico…. Allison Webster Matl
and her family took advantage of her husband’s sabbatical and moved to Montpellier, a beautiful ancient city in the south of France. “It was a wonderful year,” she writes, “filled with travel, good food, great wine, and wonderful new friends.”… Kathy Wooster Hahn writes, “I started working as community outreach coordinator for Common Grounds Cafe, a Center for Community Caring, in Cazenovia, N.Y. The Cafe was founded on the principle of Community Activities for Everyone, by high school students in the late 1990s.”

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