Class of 1937

Class Secretary: Jane Ault Lindholm, 12 Nelke Place, Lewiston, ME 04240

Class President: Robert M. York, 15 Goodwin Lane, Orrs Island, ME 04066

Jane Ault Lindholm recently ran across some copies of The Garnet, the literary magazine, dating back to the 1930s. She was pleased to notice the quality of the writing in them, from people such as Earl Dias, Frances Isaacson, Arnold Kenseth, George Scouffas, and Denham Sutcliffe…. Geneva Kirk sold her house in Lewiston and moved to Clover Manor in Auburn, where she is an active part of the community…. Last summer, Granville Oakes traveled to Scotland for a grandson’s wedding. He crossed the Channel to visit Ion and Betty Stevens Earle in Munich. While there, he also saw Gert Schröter, daughter of Hildegard Kerkhof Schröter ’36. Granville reports that Pierre, husband of Anne-Marie Diebold Sattler, has passed away.