Class of 1945

Co-Class Secretaries: Carleton and Arline Sinclair Finch, 612 Rindge Road, Fitchburg, MA 10420,

Class President: C. Keith Wilbur Jr., 397 Prospect St., Northampton, MA 01060,

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to! Nancy Farrell Adams got together with Shirley Raymond Blanchard, and Mary Guiney O’Leary planned to attend the alumni barbeque at the Homecoming last Sept. 20 in order to have a “little mini-reunion” over lunch…. With only an acre of land at their new home, two-thirds of it wooded, and an above-ground pool in the back yard, Arline Sinclair Finch says that Zeke maintains the big family garden on his son-in-law’s property 15 miles away in Rindge, N.H. Pretty silly, thinks Arline, but tolerable as long as it keeps him from sitting by the computer all day. She also has compromised on the use of the two-car garage, half of which contains his woodworking equipment. She is busy planning and executing church suppers, serving as chair of the diaconate, swimming, and keeping track of the children and grandchildren. Zeke continues as church treasurer and on the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts. 2003 saw the birth on June 3 of Connor Jefferson Tulonen, their first great-grandchild, and the grandson of Joanne Finch Tulonen ’70…. Phyllis Jones Twitchell says, “I was always pretty vocal and here I go again!” After returning to the U.S. from work in the Peace Corps (Albania) in 1997, she has been working with refugees teaching English and being friends with Albanians, Kurdish, and Somalians. Portland has more than 60 languages spoken in its schools. Every day, she writes poetry about the daily trials and joys of ordinary people. Three of them were published by the Goose River Press at Christmas time…. Irene Myers Daitch writes that after a lifetime of being a “couch potato” she has joined a gym and works out three times a week. In January 2003, she took on the job of president of the board of directors at the community health center of the Outer Cape Health Services (Cape Cod, Mass.)…. Dan and Connie Wood Norte ’46 have been in their new one-floor duplex home for over a year. Connie was able to bring some plants from their old property and now has a few new beds established. Dan continues to battle ALS but can get out on his Amigo scooter to help around the yard. He swims a half-mile twice a week, which his doctor feels is the best thing he can do to keep going…. In June, former Maine Supreme Court Justice Louis Scolnik received a special award from the Maine Civil Liberties Union honoring his 80th birthday. Much of Scolnik’s life has been spent fighting for people’s rights, as the American Civil Liberties Union’s sole lawyer in Maine, a founder of the Maine Civil Liberties Union, a Superior Court judge and a justice on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court…. Polly Beal Tooker and Ed are both fine and report receiving a birthday card that read, “the older you get, the more interesting you are to the medical profession.” In their case it appears that they keep young by attending Elderhostels (three in 2003 as of September). Polly is writing her collected memoirs and Ed is preparing a professional paper for the USGS.