Class of 1982

Co-Class Secretaries: Thomas and Lori Norman Campbell, 41 Copley Woods Circle, Portland, ME 04103-2206, or

Class President: Richard R. Regan, 26 Crossing Brook Rd., Cumberland Center, ME 04021,

Next Reunion in 2007. Got news? Tap out a note to! Andy Aceto, wife Sandy, and their six children live in Ohio, where he works for NCR. “School, laundry, meals, shopping, friends, sports, and travel” guide their daily lives. They like the pace and cost of living in the Midwest, but miss the mountains and coastline of New England…. Gail Boyd Sommer and husband Jan Frederik have finally made the leap into home ownership. They bought a renovated 1880 house in Stow, Mass., that originally was a train station. She works for The Career Place, helping businesses with recruitment, training, and outplacement. She writes, “I invite those who are looking for work or unhappy/nervous about where they are, to check out We have loads of resources for jobseekers.”… Jane Bridgham Nurnberg lives on 18 acres in a post-and-beam house in Piermont, N.H., with her husband, Greg. For the past two years, she has worked at Dartmouth. Greg is an engineer for Fluent Inc…. Jerry Donohoe writes, “As the present administration gets increasingly hostile, arrogant, and disingenuous, I continue to be inspired by others who seek peace and pursue it.” In recent months, he has met Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Coretta Scott King, and Howard Dean. He volunteers at homeless shelters and Habitat for Humanity, and was involved in anti-war protests earlier in the year…. Scott Elliott moved from Charleston, S.C., to Charlestown, Mass., recently. He is the vice president of sales and marketing for Cleary Insurance. He admits he is anxious about the winter weather. He also coaches Harvard’s sailing team…. Greg Fox is an associate professor at Wayne State Law School in Michigan. He works with issues related to human rights, the U.N., and U.S. foreign policy. His wife Sharon is finishing up a Ph.D. in political science…. Jon Guild says he’s in the same physical and mental state he was while at Bates, except he’s developed an interest in NASCAR. “It’s kept me off the streets,” he says. He’s relieved that Emily (3) and Sam (5) don’t seem to show any ill effects from his parenting. He hasn’t changed positions in quite a long time, he says, and then adds, “In addition, I still work at OneSource in Concord, Mass., leading various technical projects. Given the tech sector of late, employment is a good thing!”… John Hassan is a senior editor at ESPN The Magazine…. Kee Hinckley has sent his children, Shadi and Shireen, to ArtSmart at Bates for the past two summers. “So far, they seem to be getting the appropriate Bates=fun brainwashing that should make their college choice a no-brainer,” he says. To help pay the tuition when the time comes, he’s started an anti-spam service, Messagefire. It features a lower error rate than the competition, large or small, he says, and offers a free month to all alumni: www. and enter coupon code WFQXLHW…. Michele Jalbert’s 3-year-old business, Effective Organizations, does strategic consulting in human resources, communication, and employment law in the Boston area. She’s been involved in political and media work associated with the high-profile cases arising out of the Polaroid bankruptcy, working to see reform of the laws that “allow companies to trample the rights of retirees and the disabled when they file for bankruptcy.” She had a chance to catch up with Heidi Duncanson this spring in Bermuda…. Neil Jamieson and his family enjoyed their first trip to Disney World last spring. His firm has opened a Portland office and the practice keeps him busy. He looks forward to involving his classmates during his two-year term as president of the Bates Alumni Assn…. Jean Joyce Thompson runs a chocolate factory in Seattle called Seattle Chocolates,, whose truffle bars are made with only the finest European chocolate and all-natural ingredients, from double-distilled Northwest peppermint oil to legendary Seattle espresso. She hopes to have an East Coast presence some day so more classmates can try them…. Jonathan Dean-Lee is the senior minister at Rocky Hill Congregational Church in Rocky Hill, Conn. Mary Dean-Lee ’81 is an art teacher in Middletown and works as a doula at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford…. John Lipman is deputy director of the Cape Cod Commission, which protects the natural resources of Cape Cod through land-use regulation and planning. He, his wife, and his son (8) live in Chatham, Mass…. Jon Marcus has a new book called Unknown New England on the shelves. It’s about museums, landmarks, and historical sites most people don’t know exist. “Everyone should buy one,” he adds…. Heather McElvein Malaby says she has nothing to report, “unless you truly want to know I’m a PTA president.”… Karl Mills has started a new investment partnership called JMK Investment Partners in San Francisco. He is in his second year as president of the San Francisco Opera, a volunteer position, but very active. He and his family — including Kristian (6) and Karl-Erik (3) — had a great summer at their home in the Adirondacks…. In August, Adam Pettengill graduated from Wheelock College with a master’s in early childhood education. He now works as a educational assistant in the kindergarten at Eastham Elementary School. He hops to have his own classroom soon…. Greg Pizzo says he has lots of interns from Thomas College at his workplace at HealthReach HomeCare & Hospice in Waterville, Maine, but “not any from that other school in Waterville.” He and his family love their new house in China, Maine…. Emily Pualwan is the managing director of business support in the office of strategic initiatives for the American Cancer Society headquarters in Atlanta. She and her son, George (10), enjoy traveling all over the world…. Teri Randall Ledue has returned to the workforce after staying at home for the past 13 years. She works for St. John’s/Holy Cross parishes of South Portland, supporting the director of religious education…. Suzanne Seale likes being the landlord of a 1920s two-family firehouse with a great view in Hull, Mass. She teaches at Gibbs College and helped get IBM’s e-business Web division going a few years ago. “Now what?” she asks. “I feel like I should retire but I’m not old enough. Maybe a house on the coast of France is next.”… Janet Silverman Tobin left her position as periodicals editor at Mount Holyoke to become the assistant dean of faculty at Amherst…. Catherine Tuxbury saw Sue Purkis and Mary Giglio last spring just before Sue moved to North Carolina. Since then, she says, she has “sold my house in New Hampshire, gotten married, and moved to outside of Syracuse, N.Y. Hoping to have a peaceful and uneventful rest of the year.”… Joyce White Vance managed to hold off having her fourth child until after her husband, Robert, was sworn in as a state court judge. Joyce also has a new job, having joined the appellate section of the federal criminal prosecutor’s office in Alabama, leaving behind the role of prosecutor. “It is a far more orderly life than that of a trial lawyer,” she says, “but I still miss being in the courtroom on a regular basis.”… Richard Wood started his summer with a trip down the Mississippi on a riverboat and ended in Bangor, Maine, working at the National Folk Festival. He saw Barb Bartley ’81 and Andy Hinson ’83 who live nearby. He and his family also got to enjoy the view of Mars from Acadia while camping there.