Class of 1978

Class Secretary: Chip Beckwith, 200 Cabrini Blvd, Apt. 44, New York, NY 10033,

Class President: Mary Henderson Pressman, 5306 Sunset Dr., Kansas City, MO 64112,

Next Reunion in 2008 Got News? Tap out a note to ! Jacki Alpert works part time doing home health care medical and hospice social work. Her husband, Chris Leighton, is an attorney in the Maine Attorney General’s office… Samuel Apicelli and his wife Andrea Barnett-Apicelli have been married for 13 years. They live in Camp Hill, Pa., and have a son, Jackson (9)…. Deni Auclair works in corporate development at John Wiley & Sons Inc., publisher of science/technical/medical, higher education, and professional and trade books. Her longtime live-in love, Johnnie, is a scout for a professional boxing manager/promoter and is president of the local amateur boxing organization. Johnnie’s son is in law school after graduating from Bates in 2000. She had a skirmish with breast cancer in November 2002, but finished radiation treatments in April 2003 and is fine…. Jackson Barnett writes, “Five years ago, I got a real job here at Concord Consortium, I have moved to a 100-year-old-ish farmhouse in Poland, Maine, where we run some turkeys and harvest eggs. I’m also chair of the board and director of IT for Poland Spring Academy.” He also says he is in the “cholesterol relocation program.”… The last few years have been crazy, says Chip Beckwith, but rewarding. “In addition to riding the Internet roller-coaster, I married Adria Quinones in 1997, had a son, Tobias, in 1999. All three of us enjoy our breezy neighborhood in northern Manhattan, near the Cloisters.”… Karen Boutelle is an associate dean at Landmark College and has been a personal/professional and ADHD coach for a number of years. She recently began a low-residency leadership coaching program at Georgetown to prepare to coach leaders in higher education and business. “And, for fun,” she adds, “I finally got up my courage to audition for a play and opened recently in Rona Monroe’s Bold Girls, playing the part of Nora…. Mark Cauchon started in 1997 and built it into a national company. He gets to travel all over the country and says, “If you ever get to Baltimore, we would love to show you some of the southern hospitality — ‘hon’ style — which we have come to love.”… Amy Chapman Stebbins writes, “After 15 years in the trenches as a janitor (sound like anyone’s horror story?), my boss dragged me kicking and screaming into middle management. I am training to take over as general manager of the company when he decides to kick back and sail into the sunset. Ultimately, I would guess my Bates education was good for something! I find myself actively employing the social service skills I learned early in my work career with many of my employees. Janitors as a whole are not highly educated and often have poor decision-making skills. Since human resources work is a large part of my day, every psych class I took comes in handy!”… Lauren Dexter Baker decided to make a career change last year. As a result, she is now a nursery school teacher three mornings a week and enjoys every minute of it…. Carolyn Genetti Menchel lives just outside Washington D.C., in Alexandria, Va., where she has been teaching fitness classes and doing personal training for the past 17 years…. David Hannon is in his eighth year as director of development at Pine Point School in Stonington, Conn., where he is focused on building a new library. Wife Jane teaches seventh grade history and science at the school…. David Hearne recently became a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in medically oriented therapeutic massage. He was counting on the Red Sox to finally win a World Series…. Mary Henderson Pressman is in Kansas City, Mo., the latest stop in her husband’s career with GE. “Even though I love the Midwest,” she says, “summer always brings us back to Maine. We have a house near Blue Hill that we retreat to each year in June. We swim, sail, and generally recover from the year’s craziness.”… Becki Hilfrank Ramsey writes that she has moved again, and thinks she must have set the record for the most moves (18) by anyone since leaving Bates. She’s now located in Forest, Virginia, where she telecommutes with IBM…. Nancy Hine Juliano moved to Milford, Conn., a block and a half from Woodmont Beach in November 2002, fulfilling her lifelong dream to live near the water. She has started a new job at the Montowese Rehabilitation Center in North Haven, Conn., as a wound care nurse…. Chuck James thought he was “too comfortable” with 21 years at Xerox, so he took his shot at an Internet start-up, which did not pan out. He started over again at IBM, where he has been for the past few years. “I am constantly comparing my ’70s values and world to that of my son. The poor kid.”… Jacqueline Johnson Rivero is back in school and writes, “My days are filled with physiology, dental pathology, and trying to persuade college officials that someone with a B.A. and an M.B.A. should be allowed to waive the basic math and English composition 101 requirements.”… When not working, Tim Jones spends as much time as he can with his two children, Timmy (8) and Megan (6)…. Tina Kabb Diaduk is the director and teacher of a preschool in southern Maryland. “I thoroughly enjoy the three and four-year-olds and keep telling myself that they help to keep me young.”… Peter Maffly-Kipp writes from Chapel Hill, “I have been a chaplain at UNC Hospitals working with people living with HIV disease. Along the way, I went back to school to get a master’s in social work (what’s one more degree?)…. “I was a single guy stumbling through relationships never finding the right woman,” says Joe Lastowski. “That all changed at my 20th high school reunion, when I met my wife, Ann. We had known each other and even shared some classes together but never dated in high school. Something special happened that night.”… In San Diego, David Lingner and Susan have earned numerous awards for their efforts volunteering in school programs, including a district-wide “volunteer of the year” award a few years ago. Dave is involved with the youth basketball program, writes the newsletter for the high school marching band, and is the local chapter chair of an organization of environmental professionals called the A&WMA…. At PPG, George (Boris the Mad Russian) Mauer is responsible for PPG’s global solvent-borne coatings for new cars in the automotive assembly plants. This has enabled him to regularly travel to Europe and Asia, visiting the Great Wall of China, Paris, and the Alps…. When his wife’s career took them to the West Coast in 1998, Bill McMurray found that his friend and former boss at Wheaton College created a job for him running all of the college’s recruitment and admission activities there. “As director of western regional admission, I travel to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and throughout California promoting Wheaton; and then review all applications for admission from my travel areas. I get to return to the campus in Massachusetts several times a year as well.”… Ron Monroe will be on sabbatical from Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford in January. Plans include a cross-country bicycle trip from Connecticut to Florida. “While I have biked some in the past several years as part of a swim-bike-r
un regimen I adopted to try to stay in shape, I’ve never attempted something as ambitious as this.”… Peter Moore writes, “I’m happily entering my eighth year at Men’s Health magazine (I’m executive editor, so when something goes wrong, they execute me), trying to improve the men of America (and most importantly, myself) with the coolest sex, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and stress-busting information available.”… Paul and Sue Beckwith Oparowski have started a small enterprise called Starter Kit Sports. The focus of the business is to sell starter kits for soccer, baseball, and other sports to beginners through their clubs…. Lynne Patnode Nadeau and husband Michael live in Salem, N.H., with their two teenage children. She is staff assistant in the writing lab at Northern Essex Community College, Lawrence and Haverhill, Mass., and adjunct faculty in the English department…. Marty Pease writes, “Dream of my life: I have found it in working with animals, mostly dogs. I wear a smile on my face every day when I am with the animals.”… Marge Percy Reinhardt keeps very busy with the activities of her four children. “For this past year, one could see me teaching religion to a group of sixth graders, being ‘camera’ person for the varsity swim team, hosting a coffee for parent-faculty meetings, running meetings for a group of ninth-grade girls doing charitable work, hosting a high school review committee, and soooo on.”… Joe Phaneuf returned to the Northeast last year after many years living in the mid-South (Washington D.C.) and the thigh-deep South (South Carolina). He is the executive director of the nonprofit Northeastern Loggers Assn., a regional association of loggers, sawyers, and foresters, and lives with his family of four in the Adirondacks. He also is the publisher of a monthly magazine, director of a forest products museum, and manager of a 500-acre demonstration forest…. After a number of cross-country moves, Ann Phillips Hotchkiss and Chuck Hotchkiss ’76 moved to the mountains and seacoast of New Hampshire. Chuck is in his third year as a community organizer and Ann’s psychology practice, in Dover, N.H., filled rapidly…. Doug Schmidt is moving away from mechanical engineering and into project management. He’s working towards becoming a certified IBM project manager. “Hope that’s not the same as ‘certifiable!’” he says. Deb Thyng Schmidt ’77 continues to write in the field of higher education, including jobs for the College Board and Syracuse Univ. during 2003…. Susan Stucke Funk writes, “My daughter, Arianna ’07, is having a terrific time at Bates. I am now vice president for education and public programs here at Mystic Seaport, and the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program is one of the departments in my area of responsibility. Bates continues to send excellent students to the program.”… Doug Tate and Beth live in Pelham, N.H., after a three-and-a-half year stint in California. Doug joined West Coast Distributing in Malden, Mass., as their COO and CFO last September. Doug and Beth still sail their sloop, Poetry, out of Marion, Mass., and keep active enough to stay out of trouble…. Bob Tatge is still in the Foreign Service, currently assigned as U.S. State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of Foreign Missions Northeast Regional Director, based in New York City…. Kirsten Vea Westrick suffered a knee injury while skiing in Montana in December 2002 and then life-threatening complications after corrective surgery. She has finally finished physical therapy and gotten rid of the knee brace. She hoped to be back at work by November.