Class of 1983

Class Secretary: Leigh Peltier, 451 Williams Crossing, Coventry, RI 02816,

Class President: Mary Couillard Schneller, 65 Salem Rd., Billerica, MA 01821,

Next Reunion in 2008. Got news? Tap out a note to! Mary Allen Wink has come to feel quite at home in Chicago after 11 years. She’s mostly a stay-at-home-mom to her four children. “I work parttime for a test-prep company doing tutoring with high school students who are getting ready for the college entrance exams,” she adds…. Betsy Bartman Feery says that she has nothing exciting to report, but thought she would say hi and “let you know that my kids and I had a great time at Bates in June. I have already solicited promises from both Anthony Savastano and Jeff Garnett to attend our 25th, and I’m working on Ann Ryer, Bob Bouchard and Sue Hayes (can’t find Betsy Whitman though).”… “The first news to report is that my family had fun at the 20th reunion,” says Charles Brown. “I highly recommend the next Reunion to those of you who have never attended, and this is not coming from a ‘rah rah, go Bates’ type of person (or as my wife would say, a Hawker). It was just fascinating to see how little, and how much, we have all have changed.”… Janet Bursaw Fricke is beginning her sixth year at Millipore Corp., a multinational bioscience company providing technology, tools and services for the discovery, development and production of new therapeutic drugs. She is the assistant treasurer…. Ron Cagenello’s second-best news, after the birth of his son, was getting a job after being out of work for nearly a year, after the NYC-based Internet software company he founded six years ago failed in late 2001. He now manages the e-business division of Integrity Graphics, a graphic and marketing communications company in Connecticut…. Deborah Campbell oversees the operation of the materials science laboratory at Maxtor Corp. in Shrewsbury, Mass. Art is a professor of chemistry at Tufts…. Jayne DePanfilis is the executive director of the U.S. Hang Gliding Assn., the national governing body for hang gliding and paragliding, in Colorado Springs, Colo. She also publishes the monthly magazine, Hang Gliding and Paragliding. “I learned to hang glide in 1996 and I’ve had hundreds of safe flights hooked into my Falcon 140 hang glider,” she says. Her boyfriend, David Glover, is a world distance record holder. She ran across Sharon Saltsgiver Wright’s book on bonds in a local bookstore, and “felt a great sense of pride” in her classmate…. Sarah Eusden Gallop continues to direct government relations for MIT (13 years now), and husband Andy still manages sales for Pitney Bowes (16 years now). “We’re leading a classic suburban lifestyle — ballet, soccer, gymnastics, swim lessons, PTA meetings, school budget deficits, and subsequent override campaigns. One of my great joys is my over-40 women’s soccer team,” she says…. Tammy Garceau Hildreth reports that until July, she worked for a software company in N.H. as a senior QA manager. The company outsourced its testing to partners in India, so she was let go. “If any Batesie knows of QA manager positions at companies in southern New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts, I would welcome any leads or points of contact: Thanks in advance!”… Vicki Kamm DeMar writes: “Since I haven’t written anything since graduation I’ll give a really quick 20-year synopsis. I graduated from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in 1986 with an M.B.A. in finance. Worked as a corporate finance AVP from 1986-98. Married Larry DeMar in 1997; first child, Alex, born in 1998 and Ryan in 2001. I am now a full time stay at home mom.”… Shannon Kenneally Coray anticipates relocation to the Navy base in Brunswick, Maine, sometime between December and April. “Although I am excited to return to Maine I have grown fond of Pittsburgh and will miss it.” She had a blast at Reunion and thanks everyone for their hard work organizing it…. “I’m currently starting my fifth book for Lucent Books of San Diego,” writes Andy Kling. This one will be in the series entitled ‘The Way People Live,’ and will be called Life on a New World Voyage. His fourth one for them, a biography of Neil Armstrong, is due out in January. He still works for the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Association, as its Web site designer and troubleshooter, assistant manager, and general overall jack-of-all trades: He was elected to the board of directors for the Children’s Museum of Montana…. George Liacopulos continues to serve as a priest at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Egg Harbor Township, N.J., and he is teaching a course on early Christian history at Richard Stockton College. He and his wife, Voula, have two sons, Peter and John…. Jennifer Newsome Kenyon’s second child, Owen Alexander, was born at home in June with the help and encouragement of Mike ’84, close friends, and midwife. Jennifer says, “I have had a bunch of interesting jobs all over the country since 1983. I am currently the philosophy teacher at a Catholic prep school in Maryland. Teaching seems like the greatest job in the world, but the low pay really keeps me scrambling. I hope all those I once knew are well.”… Frank Petras is the executive director of Longwood Place at Reading, the premier assisted living community on the North Shore. “Did some traveling this summer with the family and hooked up with Tom Main at his new summer house in Falmouth, Mass. During that same weekend we also had dinner with Billy Watson and his family. I had not seen Billy in about 20 years. If I must say, we all looked pretty good!” His family spent four days in Washington, D.C., and got an insider’s view of the Capitol (via the help of a friend who worked for a senator). They even saw Hillary Clinton in person…. Gary Silverman reports that he and wife Helane were expecting their first child (a girl) in November. “I’m officially a dead man (she’ll have me wrapped around her fingers!),” he says. His business, Clueless Computer Inc., continues to grow…. Bush-Cheney ’04 has named James Tobin its New England campaign chairman. “Jim Tobin will be a valuable advisor and messenger for the campaign,” said Marc Racicot, chairman Bush-Cheney ’04. Tobin is the founder of The Tobin Company, a Bangor, Maine-based communications and political consulting company. He has also advised Senators Cohen, Snowe, and Collins…. Matt Twomey says that he has a better idea than sending updates. He says we should team up with Charlie Normand in your neighborhood and go for a good sail and burnish up our alter-ego-cartoon-character-reputations. We’ve set a date, now we’ll see if Matt actually makes it!… Mark Young reports that he withdrew from his law firm partnership and went in-house with a client, PARTNERS+mons. He is the marketing services firm’s general counsel; he also heads up the company’s professional services practice.