Class of 1960

Class Secretary: Louise Hjelm Davidson, 5823 Rushwood Drive, Dublin, OH 43017,

Class President: Dean S. Skelley, 16330 Hidden View, San Antonio, TX 78232-2812,

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to ! Selections from the recent Class Letter: Robin Davidson served as the neurosurgeon for the Navy’s Fleet Hospital Three last year, stationed about 20 miles south of An Nasiriyah in the middle of the desert. In just over seven weeks, the hospital admitted more than 500 patients and performed surgery on more than 350. “We took care of Marines, enemy prisoners of war and Iraqi civilians, including children. We lost no patients who underwent surgery.”…. Dick Krause reports he and Joan (Mickelson, ’61) traveled to Sweden to celebrate their 40th anniversary and found Joan’s grandparents’ farm…. Mark and Carol Lux Zacher enjoy their home on Bowen’s Island near Vancouver. Mark retired from the Univ. of British Columbia this year, but will continue research and writing.