Class of 1944

Class Secretary: Virginia Stockman Fisher, PO Box 7631, Portland, ME 04112,

Co-Class Presidents: Edmund H. Gibson, 13 Wheeler Park, Brunswick, ME 04011-1635; Richard L. Keach, 51 Randy Ln., Wethersfield, CT 06109-3763,

Next Reunion in 2004. Got news? Tap out a note to! Selections from the recent Class Letter: Harry Barba was amazed recently to find that some of his early books are selling on eBay and for more than $100. He hopes to write one more book – his autobiography…. Stephen Bartlett writes that he and his wife, Corrine, spend their time between their house in Portland and their cottage on Bailey Island…. Laura “Judy” Campbell Dwyer keeps busy with her friends and work at church…. Jean Childs Black hopes to make our 60th Reunion. She enjoys life at Leisure World and is very glad they moved there…. Elizabeth “Betty” Corsa Weber received a volunteer award for 2003 for her work with the Southwest Community Ministries…. Elizabeth Cort Brooks did her usual traveling last year. She saw Brad Dearborn Brewitt in New Hampshire, took a cruise to the Caribbean, flew to Boston for her stepmother’s funeral, and then to Arizona for Thanksgiving…. Cyril Finnegan writes that he will not attend our 60th and last Reunion. He says the reasons are few and have nothing to do with health or finances, but simply a malaise about things that far in the past…. Edmund “Tod” Gibson and Pat followed Bates basketball teams throughout last winter. Grandson Scott Priest is a sophomore at Bates…. Philip Goodrich expects to attend 1944’s 60th Reunion. He has moved to a retirement community where they have a compact apartment, lovely grounds, and separate assisted-living and nursing facilities…. Robert Goodspeed writes that he and Joanne have moved back to New Hampshire and their children and grandchildren. His leather business with China continues to grow and his sales contract with them has been extended for 10 years (he hopes to be around to enjoy it!)…. Mary Ann Gross Nevels expects to come to Reunion, especially since it is our last! She says she’s almost ready to retire. They’re putting their South Pacific islands up for sale. She hopes someone conservation-minded will buy them as they have incredible coral formations and many beautiful varieties of fish…. Edith Hale Ferguson moved to Springmoor Retirement Community in Raleigh, N.C…. Donald Harms says they are tentatively planning to come to Reunion. He keeps busy with church work and search committee duties…. Nina Leonard Sloan continues to enjoy life at Jefferson Ferry. She says there are so many resources and activities, it is hard to choose what you want to do!… Vincent McKusick and Nancy plan to make our 60th Reunion. His firm, Pierce Atwood, has made retirement very satisfactory, since he can take on special master and arbitration jobs that are manageable because of the help he gets from his colleagues…. Hobart “Hoby” Reed and Margie plan to come to our 60th Reunion (if they make it, it will be the first reunion they’ve attended!)…. Jane Styer Campbell keeps very busy with end-to-end activities-committees, socials, games, exercises, block parties, etc., at their retirement community.